February PD Sessions

Cindy Evans, Tech Coach

Welcome to February!

This month's sessions will all be available for sign up through SchoolStation. As requested, I have included another session of Office 365 to help you get to know our new email and collaboration system better! See below for all sessions for the month of February!

Office 365 and One Drive

Thursday, Feb. 5th, 3:45-5:15pm

103 Lab @ SCHS

This inservice will go more in-depth on using One Drive and answer any questions you might have about our new email and Calendar functions!

Description: Use Office 365 for instruction, collaboration, assignments, communication, and more. This session wil give you best practices for utilizing Office 365's collaborative features and help you to integrate them to increase the effectiveness of PLCs as well as classroom instruction. One Drive provides users with unlimited cloud based storage so there is no need of CDs or thumb drives. During this session you will learn tips to promote a respectful online culture, privacy and security measures for user safety and rules for online discussion.

Length of Session: 1.5 hours

TEAM Strand: Activities and Materials and Motivating Students

Digital Citizenship Component: Privacy and Security, Rules for Online Discussion​​

Designing Your Teacher Web Page to Enhance Your Classroom Environment

Thursday, Feb. 12th, 3:45-5:45pm

103 Lab @ SCHS

Description: NEW teachers or NEVER started your webpage?? This workshop offers instruction for creating a Rutherford County Schools web site with approved Adobe Creative Suite applications. You will learn the basic techniques and methods for constructing a quality site by using a template provided by the school technology coach. Busy educators will leave with a great looking and functional web page. Show evidence of professionalism and improve school & community involvement creating an online instructional environment. This session is designed for new teachers as those not having a web page.

Length of Session: Two hours

TEAM Strand: Environment

Digital Citizenship Component: Creative Credit and Copyright

QR Codes Part I and II

Tuesday, Feb. 17th, 3:45-5:45pm

103 Lab @ SCHS

QR Codes Part I--Introduction to QR Codes to Increase Student Motivation

Description: If you are curious about what these are or how they can be used to pique student interest, come to this session. Participants will learn how to use QR Codes for quick access to online resources, to organize their content, and to develop inquiry-based learning activities in a fast and easy way. QR codes can be read from a computer with a web camera or any mobile device.

TEAM Strand: Motivating Students

QR Codes Part II--Activities and Materials

Description: Users will produce multiple QR codes that will provide students and parents fast access to activities and materials. Teachers will be ready for their students to be part of the creation process when they return to their classroom.

TEAM Stand: Motivating Students and Activities and Materials

Length of Session: Two hours (one hour for each part)

Basic Excel for Visual Representation and Data Analysis for the Common Core

Monday, Feb. 23rd, 3:45-5:45pm

103 Lab @ SCHS

Descriptor: Learn how to make the most of Microsoft Excel by exploring ways to increase your productivity, visual representation, and data analysis into your classroom. With CCSS, students are expected to conduct research across the curriculum then display their data findings visually. ISTE Student Nets requires students to collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions. Excel simplifies and streamlines these tasks and many more. Find out how to make the most of this indispensable tool.

Length of session: Two hours

TEAM Strand: CCSS Math, CCSS ELA, and Literacy/Science/Technology; Planning-Use of Data

Digital Citizenship Citizenship Component: ​Internet Safety


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