Visit Tierra Caliente !

Experience life in the Central Andes

Experience life in the Central Andes in Equador, Peru, and Bolivia

Pack your tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops! The average temperature in Tierra Caliente is 75 to 80F -- just perfect for perfecting your suntan.

The menu is simple but very tasty!

Many plants do well in this hot and humid climate. Bananas, rice and sugarcane are common crops here. Harvest your own bunch of bananas for breakfast, but watch out! Our local tarantulas love bananas, too! (Don't worry, though. Their bite isn't fatal!)

Me casa su casa

As the saying goes, "My home is your home." Because of the temperatures here, we love to have our homes cool off with the breeze. Our homes are made from wood or bamboo, and many are on stilts in order to protect them from flooding. Our palm-thatch roofs, though, are great protection from the sun and rain.

Things to do in Tierra Caliente

Watch the local plant crops or build a home. See how things are done here where we enjoy a slower pace than most other places. Come slow down with us in Tierra Caliente!