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Greetings! The BIS Literacy team is pleased to announce that we will be welcoming author Lynda Mullaly Hunt to our school on February 1st - 3rd. As in the years past, each classroom will be scheduled to spend some time with Lynda while she discusses her two novels, One for the Murphys and Fish in a Tree, with our students. A schedule will be distributed in a separate email.

This year, instead of printing and distributing a packet, we have used this flyer to sort and link different resources from Lynda's extensive personal website. All resources are organized by book, hopefully making it easier to pick and choose how to integrate Lynda's work into your classroom prior to her visit.

Below, you will find links to biographical information, summaries for both novels, book trailers, FAQs and even clips of Lynda reading entire chapters from her books! While both are exceptional, Fish in a Tree is generally appropriate for fourth and fifth grade while One for the Murphys is better reserved for fifth grade.

We are very excited to welcome Lynda to our school and hope you find the resources we are sharing helpful. You may want to start by reading Lynda's message to teachers!

Happy Reading!

The BIS Literacy Team

Teachers Guide

A teaching guide to both Fish in a Tree and One for the Murphys. Includes common core-aligned discussion content, lessons, and biographical information.


Resources for One for the Murphys

Resources for Fish in a Tree

Lynda reading excerpts from Fish in a Tree as part of Global Read Aloud. Also includes answers to student questions about each section (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Resources for Lynda Mullaly Hunt