Reach: Grade 2 Newsletter

April 2016: Mrs. Stein's Class

"Travel The USA" and other News

We continue to work in the "Travel the USA" unit. Students are visiting historical sites in different states and mapping their progress. They are also tracking the money they spend on food, lodging, gas and entertainment. The extra credit projects have been fabulous. We are learning so much about the 50 states from our research and our peers. I am hoping to wrap the unit up at the end of the month.

March was the month to recognize women and their accomplishments. Each student researched a famous woman at home and created a poster project. The projects were shared and displayed throughout the schools. Posters were so creative and the students and I really enjoyed learning about many famous women.

Each week we continue to work on multi-step word problems (using different mathematical operations). There has been so much improvement in this area over the year. I am very proud of the kids, as these can be very challenging at times.

Spring will continue to bring challenges and engaging Reach activities. I am looking forward to a terrific April and May.

I hope you had a fabulous and fun spring break. My family and I were in San Diego and had a wonderful time. (See picture below at the San Diego Safari Park)

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