Halfway to Winter Peak!

Newsletter #3 Brought to you by 2 very special guests!

So without further delay!!

Our first presenter is...

SELF AWARE this is a very very special part of our beautiful LDM given that without Self awareness

How would we know what we want?

Listen to it guys, he knows what you like ;)

For example, be aware that you missed our newsletters, come on, we all did :P

Big image

But now let's get down to business.

Now comes our SYNERGY TOOL :D

Maybe some of you already saw our beautiful synergy tool! It is created for you and your VPs Marketing in order to have better communication and cooperation. We really hope it will be useful! (Winter Peak is commmminnngggg :D )

Here the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15orxF3sW8ml5agJe_sNo4W4NEuZ9Rc4YHLBp-kl7hw4/edit#gid=0

NOW this is aaaaa CALL FOR ACTION!

As France is very popular and amazing country, lots of entities still want to cooperate with us. On national level nothing will happen :’( we are focusing on what we have so far! Check last newsletter if you don't remember ;), but if you and your EPs are interested in Mauritius, Korea, Nepal, Egypt, South Africa or Brazil just let Milena know and she will put you in contact with people.

Anyways in OGX Masterfile part GCDP searchtools you have lots of them and also Milena put there links to booklets and other stuff that she got from people!


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Now if that wasn't enough, here comes something even More special


As SPARK is coming very soon here Milena gave us the draft of OGX Agenda:

Big image

In general those are all your expectations from NTC so it should be ok , but still Milena wanted you to see it. For Newies – FACIs will allocate the content given here in order and form they want, for EB Agenda it will be pretty much like this (according to things that will happen in next 3 weeks (may change a bit). And also you have a part about final sprint for Winter Peak.

NPS! Yes again hehe

Ok so in order for everyone to be 100% clear, in our OGX Masterfolder in the resource hub I have put a little explanation about NPS, what is it for, how does it work and why to use it. You will be able to access anytime you want to get the link and apply the poll.

Please guys is extremely important for you to do it, it's for our own good as an entity, I'm sure that used the right way it will help us grow enormously. Here is where you can find it.


ALMOST last but still Important

Our wonderful NST GIP Cooperation Mohamed or as friends call him Mody, moved to Ankara, Turkey, one of my personal favorites if you ask me ;)

Have lots of fun Mody, learn a lot and eat pleanty of Döner I beg you!! haha

Guys remember he's always there with wonderful opportunities for our EPs, DON'T let them go!