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Daniel Wright Junior High School E-Notice - April 1, 2021

Safety Guidelines for Mask Breaks at Daniel Wright

Dear Families of In-Person Learners,

The Illinois Department of Health requires that all students, teachers and staff members on school grounds wear a face mask at all times except in the following circumstances:

  • Eating while maintaining six-foot physical distancing.

  • When outdoors and physical distancing of six-feet can be maintained.

During the school day, outdoor mask breaks are offered for all students. As the weather improves, more and more students are opting to participate in the outdoor break. With this increased participation, we have noticed that students do not follow the established safety procedures and expectations. We have observed students congregating closely, running in the parking lots and even playing close contact games.

We realize that students want to exercise and interact with their peers, however, the mask breaks are not intended for recess or athletic activities. Physical activities are purposefully planned and executed by our PE staff during a scheduled PE class. The lessons specifically adhere to the Illinois Department of Health’s guidelines; unstructured outdoor activities do not align to these recommendations.

For the continued safety of all of our students and staff please be reminded of the following:

  • Maintain a six-foot distance if you are not wearing a mask.

  • Close contact activities such as touch football, soccer and tag are not allowed.

  • Playing with items such as frisbees, footballs and handballs are not allowed. Students should not bring these items to school.

  • Students should not run between cars or in parking lots. Students should also be aware of increased car traffic after 3:00 p.m.

Quite simply, a mask break is not a time for close contact games and activities, it is intended to provide all students with a short break from wearing a mask and allow them to get some fresh air.

To be sure that we are adhering to the safety guidelines, breaks will be structured as walks around the school building, on the walking path in the back of the school or socially distanced groups on the sidewalk and grass spaces.

We want to continue to allow students to enjoy mask breaks. We are hopeful that we all can work together to ensure safe opportunities for students and staff.

Thank you!


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Daniel Wright Junior High School

Principal Michelle Blackley

Assistant Principal Nina Nusbaum

Assistant Principal Melody Littlefair