Sunset Feeder Excellence

February 16-19, 2016

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Thank you!

Thank you all for being "that person" who truly cares for each of our students and communities. We are grateful and excited about the possibilities for the future because we have Sunset leaders "Who Care a Whole Awful Lot". Our principals and educators are the best to deliver an even more promising future for generations to come through the work with our students today!

School Visits

Tuesday- 8:00 a.m. Haskell Mtg./Principals' Meeting Preparation

Wednesday- Lida Hooe/Rosemont, Principals' Meeting be there no later than 1:00 (arrive early)/Secondary Principals briefly meet after the meeting to discuss master schedule- you will officially present to me for my review during the next week prior to your scheduled date and time

Thursday- Susie and Monica at Turn Around Training

Friday- 8 a.m. Haskell Mtg. Susie/Peabody/Kahn

Emergency Drills

Please confirm that your campus has effectively conducted and input fire drills prior to the 15th deadline (principal should be responsible for completion).


All Principals

2015 Federal Report Cards


(March 7, 2016)

Elizabeth Watson


All Principals

Department Heads

Federal Funding Time and Effort Training


(February 26, 2016)

Special Revenue Department

All Principals Department Heads

Polling Locations – Democratic & Republican Primary Election

(Tuesday, March 1, 2016)


(March 1, 2016)

Orlando Alameda


Secondary Principals

Student Discipline Appeal Hearing Training for Middle & High School Assistant Principals & Campus-Based Coordinators


(Every Wednesday of February & March)

Amir Boroujerdi


All Principals

Summer Meals Requests due April 15


(April 15, 2016)

All Principals

Outside Counseling Agencies Accessing Students on Campus


Sylvia Lopez

Counseling Services


High School Principals

Reconnection Center Mandatory Professional Development


Jacki McFarland


February 4, 2016

All Principals

2015-2016 Spring Class Enrollment Verification


(February 17, 2016)

Sam Iliya


Peggy Sullivan


All Principals

Custodial Services Realignment


Custodial Services


All Principals

HCM Supervisor Feedback Survey




All Principals

Nominations for Employee of the Year for Health Services


(April 15, 2016)

Chyl Helms

All Principals

Student Assignments/Procedures for Transferring Students between Campuses


Noelia Martinez


All Principals

2016 ACP Spring Film Festival


Celina Jimenez


All District Staff

Inclement Weather Compensation




Elementary Principals

Elementary Data Controllers

Information Regarding Prekindergarten Registration Week of 2016-17


Kristine Delgado


Elementary Principals

Reminder: Two-Way Dual Language Information Session


Bilingual ESL Department


All Principals

Reporting “Late Schedule Changes” (affecting TEI Achievement Statistics)


(February 12, 2016)

Office of Institutional Research

Secondary Principals

Master Schedule Building Training 2016


Carole Sanders


All Principals

New Menu Items | Menu Advisory Committee Meeting


Mary Ortiz


All Principals

School Uniforms


Feeder Pattern Executive Director

Student Wellness

Connie Rodriguez, Psychological Services

Dr. Sylvia Rodriguez, Director

The following are reminders for working with students with extenuating social emotional needs including reminders for campus processes/supports:

  • Campus initiates supports for the entry/return of a student with needs
  • Special education and/or 504 considerations
  • Consider if a student may qualify for a related counseling service
  • Bullying investigation should be formal with an official response and follow-up supports which should be on-going
  • Registrar should share all information with the counselor, entry transition plan for the student
  • A campus safety plan should be initiated and a daily contract created with the safety team- contract for attendance for each class
  • Ensure the principal has official documentation of investigation and findings of bullying, concern for student who has concerning behavior
  • Follow-up systems with referral to youth and family, if denied an on-site campus option is possible
  • Weekly Admin mtgs accountability decisions made- staffing with all counselors/teachers with lead counselor, a weekly meeting and staffing with campus administrators based upon the findings of the counselor leadership
  • Counselors to attend monthly student leadership meetings with the principal
  • Invite Counselor to a PTA Meeting- use campus counselors to share lesson overview from classrooms (anti-bullying, character, appropriate use of social media, integration of social media concerns with campus counselor as appropriate- screenshots to adult/parent)
  • Teacher meeting of those teachers responsible with enough but limited information
  • Contract for student attendance and comments (each teacher signs)
  • Admin check on at lunch for social behavior

Feel free to contact psychological services for support. There are numerous available resources, principals' check-lists, and presentations readily available for campus support.

Master Schedule Secondary/Elementary

Master Schedule Round Table-

  • powerpoint to be mailed to me for review and final to Cheryl Nevels
  • number of students in each classroom indicated on a map of each classroom, teacher, course taught by period
  • rationale for any proposed changes
  • rationale for programs and how integrates into feeder
  • "advisory" type periods must have a detailed rationale and description beyond "Reading or Writing Across the Campus"
  • staffing required/how to incorporate existing staff into schedule


New elementary principals should consult with an experienced campus and all elementary principals should review with me by March 1st.

All campuses must adhere to district-wide start and end of day times. (see email 2/12/16)

Field Trips- Spring

Please consider an internal suggested field trip deadline for the semester to ensure that you are aware of all out of county trips which may involve multiple approvals (i.e. contracts, out of county, etc.).

Please consider working on the crowd-funding available on the Dallas ISD website for currently planned field trips.

Principal Feeder Meeting at Rosemont Lower- Thursday, February 25

We will have an overview at our next principal's feeder meeting with representatives from Summer School and the Student Code of Conduct. This month, I have asked an elementary and secondary principal to volunteer to provide input for this meeting. Please send me at least one topic you feel is most pertinent from either your campus, work or newsletters.

Thank you for your collaboration and input!

Summer Opportunities

How can we ensure each student is involved and parents have information regarding summer activities/opportunities? How can the campus communicate work with the community or partners?

Sunset Feeder Dinner Program for ALL Students- Please share with your school community!

Dallas ISD ~ Sunset High School

Dinner Program

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

From 4:15 p.m. to at 5:30 p.m.

Sunset High School Cafeteria

*Students must present their Dallas ISD Student ID to receive services

*Elementary can use their ID#

Dallas Education Foundation Fundraising

District Campus Connection Web Page will host projects that DO allow cash, must be signed/approved (department on Dallas ISD)

Donors Choose- items not cash

Crowd-funding- Cash to Individuals is NOT allowed, Crowd-funding is NOT allowed

  • Applicant must be a full-time Dallas ISD employee who spends 75% of time with students
  • Registration from principals, administrators, PTAs, teacher assistants, student teachers, substitutes and part-time teachers will not be accepted
  • Pursuant to CDC policydonations must be documented and logged online by school designee
  • Materials/equipment that is delivered to the school is the property of the school and will primarily remain at the school if the teacher leaves
  • Point systems gives teachers opportunity to create projects with higher monetary values

Principals- complete campus connection application form (requires prinicpal, ED and Chief Signature)

Principals can seek information or ask questions by contacting the following:

Julie Siegel, DEF, Executive Director

(972) 925-3766

Texas Education Code

The Texas Education Code is available on-line. Principals should review the education code and board policy. Board policy is available on the Dallas ISD website. The Student Code of Conduct follows Chapter 37 of the TEC. Please review to learn more about legal requirements.

TEI Upcoming Dates

Rubrics- Principal and AP

Spot observations clarification:

· Three spots must be scored per semester (all required to be entered, even those not scored)

· Entered within two working days of the spot into SchoolNet (DNA Regulation)

· Number of spots:

o No effectiveness level and Progressing II or below (10)

o Proficient I or DTR eligible (8)

o Distinguished (Proficient II or above) 6 (3 per semester- all must be scored, December is extremely short, approximately the first week )

· New Teachers through-out the year (with documentation)
o Train new teachers within 15 days
o Provide overview of Campus Action Plan

Please note that you must provide and document training and supports for new teachers through out the school year within 15 days (see policy/regulation above)

District-wide Principals' Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 1-5pm

5151 Samuell Boulevard Dallas, TX

Please bring your technology and ensure you arrive early (adjust your schedule to ensure travel time).

Literacy Cadre at Nolan Estes

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 2-5pm

3313 South Beckley Avenue

Dallas, TX

Please ensure your representatives are in attendance and an administrator (please attend as possible to ensure implementation of the requirements).