Brunei Darussalam

By: Nur Ulfah Norazmi

Brunei's land

Negara Brunei Darussalam is mostly flat, heavily wooded and inland.

One Of The Wealthiest Country

In Brunei they make Oil and natural gas thats why Brunei is one of the most wealthiest country in the world!

The Past

The People Of Brunei

The first people to live in Brunei are the: Dyaks, Ibans, Kayans and the Kalilmantas these were the Borneo tribes. People from Brunei are called Bruneians.

75% of people in Brunie live in Urban areas and 25% live in inrural areas

The Government

Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah is the prime minister he has been the leader of the government since 1967.


Most Bruneians speak Bahasa Malaysia and a bit of Mandarin but people speak English for business

Interesting Facts

-Brunei once ruled the whole island of Borneo

-Brunei is separated by Sarawak into two pieces

-The Eastern part of Brunei is called Temburong

-Sultan is one of the richest man on Earth

-Brunei means the home of peace

-2/3 of the people are Malay and 1/10 of the people are Chinese

-The capital city is the biggest city

-Great Britain ruled Brunei before

-Money in Brunei are Dollars

- The climate is tropical with heavy rainfall