Wildcat Weekly Feb. 8th-12th

Go Broncos, Go!

“Super Bowl Babies Choir” feat. Seal | Music Video

Thank Yous, Acknowledgements, and Applause

  1. I hope this newsletter finds you geared up for a Bronco win!
  2. Kudos to our first grade team--Holly, Jennifer, and Taylor--for visiting Laredo Elementary and reflecting on their learning. They'll give us a report on their findings once they've completed a few more sight visits.
  3. I appreciate everyone showing up on Wednesday with a STELLAR outlook about making the best of a school day after a major storm.
  4. Monday is the Chinese New Year so if you've already slipped on your resolutions, use this as an opportunity to reset :)
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Art Showcase was a hit!

We all tried to stoop down so that you could see Beth's wonderful art. She still has pieces available for sale and the art show will continue for the rest of the month.

Instructional Highlight: Meehan's Reading Strategies

Kathleen's Reading Group

Housekeeping Items

  1. Just a heads up that will we have our LAST round of Acuity exams next week for 3rd-5th grade. Expect a celebration after we are done with the whole she-bang.
  2. Ryan Hill is looking for a teacher who has 11:30-2:15 open and you will be in core subjects. Please let me know if you're interested in hosting him for 8-weeks.
  3. Valentine's Day Dance and the Gala--I am still waiting to hear from PTO the verdict on those two events.
  4. Sunshine Visits February 13th, 2015: If you'd like to join me, complete the link. Starla will also be joining us. I am going to make Valentine-themed cupcakes. If you wouldn't mind baking cupcakes, that would be awesome. Click on the link to register: http://goo.gl/forms/1H7crE5EQ3.

Weekly Inspiration

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