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The Monterey Bay CUE board is composed of 8 members from the three counties that compose our chapter (Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz) and meets on a regular basis (in person and virtually, at least once a month) to plan professional development, socials, teacher grants, and more. Any current and active member of Monterey Bay CUE is eligible to serve on the board.

To be nominated, you need to fill out the nomination form which requires a short biography, picture, and two letters of recommendations. All premium members of CUE that are part of the MBCUE affiliate will be allowed to vote. Nominees will have a chance to offer a 90 second speech at Fall CUE at the annual affiliate meeting. If you are unable to attend, you can submit a video of your speech.

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Update from the MBCUE Board!



August 28, 2018


MBCUE wants to bring DigCit Summit to California! This Digital Citizenship Summit offers parents, students, educators and administrators an amazing selection of workshop topics and featured speakers to discuss how we can help shape the culture and relationship our kids have with technology. We are in the process of submitting our proposal to the Digital Citizenship Institute and would like to provide this amazing Summit to you in May of this year.

The Student Powered Film Festival is returning this year to celebrate Earth Day and Conservation! Last year’s videos were absolutely amazing and we are very excited to see what students will create this year. Stay tuned for additional details!

The MBCUE website is getting an update! Our website will soon have a page where you will be able to learn more about and contact your fellow MBCUE Board Directors. This page will include photos, a bio for each of the Directors, their Twitter handles and applicable websites. We look forward to hearing from you!

Get ready to vote! MBCUE will soon be sending out an email to all Affiliate members in order to get your opinion on what our new MBCUE logo colors should be!

MBCUE Board elections are quickly approaching! Nominations for new MBCUE Board Members will be from September 15th-30th and elections will take place on October 15th-31st.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Dietrich, Recording Secretary

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CUE Awards

CUE Awards have long been a powerful way to recognize members who go above and beyond. This year, the CUE staff, Awards Committee, and Affiliate Boards are working closer than ever to shine a light on influencers throughout the states of California and Nevada.

You have unlimited shoutouts, so show ANY affiliate members some love - you aren't limited to your own local folks!

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Rock Star EL Edition

CUE Rock Star is getting SPICY on October 20 in Jurupa, CA as we roll-out our first-ever Rock Star EL Edition! Join classroom educators, administrators, and teacher-leaders who are dialed in to meet the needs of ALL learners, including those that speak English as an additional language. Our camp will take a deep dive on Spanish-speakers and their cultural.

We’ll be exploring best practices and researched approaches to these classroom realities:

  • Mainstreaming EAL students

  • Increasing EL student participation in PBL

  • Implementing the ELPAC

  • Listening and speaking skills

  • Low-cost activities and resources for ELs

  • And more!

Find out all the details and get registered by visiting!

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