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"The Fairbanks Correctional Center has lifted its suspension on visitors."

HB 118 Sponsor Statement

HB 118 creates an easier process of reentry and rehabilitation for inmates and lessens the risk of reoffending. By allowing access to safe and secure internet, inmates are better able to prepare themselves for reentry into the outside world. According to a study released by the Department of Justice, 68% of prisoners are arrested again within three years, 83% during the following nine years. One of the key reasons for reoffending is the difficulty prisoners face securing employment post incarceration. Access to online job training, therapy and visitation helps to alleviate the risk of reoffending. Another important element of this bill is it provides easier access to identification for prisoners upon release, allowing them an important tool for reintegration. Both expanding internet access for prisoners and providing prisoners with easier access to state identification help ease the difficulties of reentry and will help to lower the risk of recidivism.

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