Agricultural Adjustment Act

" Does It Really Help Us''?

What did our agency do?

Sought to raise crop prices by lowering production,which the government achieved by paying farmers to leave a certain amount of every acre of land unseeded.

Who did it serve/help/assist?

It helped the government more because they were slaughtering pigs and reducing crops while Americans were hungry. It did however help raise farm prices and put more money in the farmers pockets.

What were the accomplishments?

It is declared to be the policy of Congress—To establish and maintain such balance between the production and consumption of agricultural commodities, and such marketing conditions therefor, as will reestablish prices to farmers at a level that will give agricultural commodities a purchasing power with respect to articles that farmers buy, equivalent to the purchasing power of agricultural commodities in the base period.


How does it effect today?

It doesn't effect today. Farmers plant there own crops for free.

Did They Truly Help Us Or Themselves?

Slaughtering Pigs

Hog farmers were paid to slaughter over 6 million pigs.