In partnership with the community, the Iowa-Grant School District will empower all students to reach their full potential as responsible individuals who strive for life-long learning to successfully compete in an ever-changing global society.

The mission of the Iowa-Grant School District sets our highest aspirations to provide the highest quality education for the community’s children. Recently when reviewing this mission with staff as an antecedent to the professional development sessions, we considered which aspects of the mission statement had the most resonance in consideration of the work we do. I wonder, as we reach the midpoint of our academic year, if you would be willing to join us in reflecting on the school's mission and how we are doing in making it a reality.

The first thing that strikes me is the phrase, “In partnership with the community...” whether it be a series of generous donations which the board accepts with gratitude each month at its regular board meeting, the strong community turnout supporting our athletic events, booster clubs for music and athletics, summer recreation programs, or gymnasiums full of youth basketball and wrestling on the weekends, the strong support we receive from community banks and businesses, or church sponsored welcome events for new staff, evidence of this partnership can be seen everywhere as one looks across the district. We appreciate your partnership in making the Iowa-Grant School District the heart of the community. I hope we can always find time to appreciate the gifts we have as members of the Iowa-Grant School District community. The examples listed above barely scratch the surface of the high level of collaboration that is happening across the communities.

This past week I had the pleasure to observe this partnership firsthand in our kindergarten classrooms as we welcomed grandparents to visit their grandchildren's kindergarten. Below are just a few photos which attest to the realization of the school's mission. Thank you to our kindergarten teachers and to all our grandparents who were able to attend.


Iowa-Grant Superintendent

Michael Shimshak

Burgeoning Astronomy at Iowa-Grant

In 1995, scientists pointed the Hubble telescope at an apparently empty area of deep space near the handle of the Big Dipper and kept the camera open for more than 10 days. The resulting image and a series of deeper and deeper looks into space in subsequent years, revealed thousands upon thousands of galaxies. The light from some of these galaxies has been traveling so long that it left the source before our solar system was formed. These images changed everything we know about the universe, and we are just starting. This is the allure of astronomy.

Last autumn, we hosted the first-ever star-party in the parking lot of the Iowa-Grant School District. Fifth grade students and their parents were invited to see the planets Jupiter and Saturn and detailed features on the moon through one of my family's three telescopes or through their own telescopes. While we will never be able to see views like Hubble and the James Webb Space Telescope gather, we do have wonderful astronomy targets to inspire aw. The students were so excited that I committed then to start an astronomy club at Iowa-Grant. After hearing support for the concept, I am pleased to announce that we are in the initial stages of forming a club to serve the Iowa-Grant families and community. With just a few committed adults, (We need three in total.) we could become affiliated with the Astronomical League ( at great benefit to members.

One does not need a telescope to join an astronomy club. Instead, curiosity about the night sky, the mysteries of the heavens, and a willingness to learn and teach will serve well. The school’s libraries are in the process of purchasing two telescopes and some pairs of binoculars which will be available for check-out through the Library Telescope program. . Students will be able to take a telescope home and return it just as they do books. We plan to host a second star party this Spring in conjunction with Astronomy Day (April 29, 2023) and hope the library telescopes can be in service by then.

Please email me at if you are interested in supporting the astronomy club initiative, or just want to know more. I would be so grateful to get a couple of founding members.

Hubble Deep Field

Important Change to Accessing Electronic Reports

Beginning 4th Quarter (04/03/2023), all student electronic reports can only be accessed by entering their Unique Student Number. This number can be found on all previous progress and reports cards in the Upper Right-Hand corner. Please make a note of this number for future reference.


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2/2 6:00 PM Basketball: Girls JV vs Darlington (Away)

2/2 7:30 PM Basketball: Girls Varsity vs Darlington (Away)

2/3 6:00 PM Basketball: Boys JV vs Cuba City (home)

2/3 7:30 PM Basketball: Boys Varsity vs Cuba City (Home)

2/4 9:00 AM Wrestling: JV Conference Meet vs Multiple Schools @ Richland Center HS

2/4 10:00 AM Gymnastics: Varsity Invitational vs Multiple Schools @ Dodgeville HS

2/4 10:00 AM Wrestling: Varsity Conference Meet vs Multiple Schools @ Richland Center HS

2/6 6:00 PM Basketball: Boys JV vs Belmont (Away)

2/6 6:00 PM Basketball: Girls JV vs Riverdale (Home)

2/6 6:00 PM Gymnastics: Varsity Meet vs Multiple Schools @ Dodgeville HS

2/6 7:30 PM Basketball: Boys Varsity vs Belmont (Away)

2/6 7:30 PM Basketball: Girls Varsity vs Riverdale (Home)

2/7 6:00 PM Basketball: Girls JV vs Cuba City (Home)

2/7 7:30 PM Basketball: Girls Varsity vs Cuba City (Home)

2/9 6:00 PM Basketball: Boys JV vs Darlington (Away)

2/9 7:30 PM Basketball: Boys Varsity vs Darlington (Away)

2/10 Tri-State Honors Band

2/10 6:00 PM Basketball: Girls JV vs Southwestern (Away)

2/10 7:30 PM Basketball: Girls Varsity vs Southwestern (Away)

2/11 10:00 AM Gymnastics: Varsity Invitational vs Multiple Schools @ Platteville HS

2/11 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Sweetheart Dance

2/13 4:20 PM Forensics Sub-District Competition @ Fennimore

2/13 6:30 PM Board Meeting

2/14 6:00 PM Basketball: Boys JV vs Boscobel (Home) (IGEMS South Gymnasium)

2/14 6:00 PM Basketball: Girls Varsity vs DeSoto (Home) (IGHS) (Senior Night)

2/14 7:30 PM Basketball: Boys Varsity vs Boscobel (Home) (IGHS) (Senior Night)

2/14 7:30 PM Basketball: Girls JV vs DeSoto (Home) (IGEMS South Gymnasium)

2/16 5:00 PM Gymnastics: Varsity Conference Meet vs Multiple Schools @ Prairie du Chien HS

2/16 6:00 PM Basketball: Girls JV vs Mineral Point (Home)

2/16 7:30 PM Basketball: Girls Varsity vs Mineral Point (Home)

2/17 6:00 PM Basketball: Boys JV vs Southwestern (Home)

2/17 7:30 PM Basketball: Boys Varsity vs Southwestern (Home)

2/20 6:00 PM Music Parents' Meeting

2/21 Basketball: Girls Varsity Regional vs TBA, TBA (Away)

2/23 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM In-Person Parent/Teacher Conferences

2/23 6:00 PM Basketball: Boys JV vs Barneveld (Away)

2/23 6:30 PM Basketball: Boys Varsity vs Riverdale (Away)


2/24 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Parent/Teacher Conferences

2/25 Basketball: Girls Varsity Regional vs TBD, TBD (Away)

2/25 Gymnastics: Varsity Sectionals vs TBD @ Platteville HS

2/28 Basketball: Boys Varsity Regionals vs TBA, TBA

Biology Engineering Project: Mutant 3D Model

This hands-on final introduced students to traits, heredity, mutation, adaptation, and evolution. The goal of the project is to develop creativity and resourcefulness while students will apply engineering skills and creative writing. The project builds upon lessons on DNA, genes, Mendelian and non-Mendelian inheritance, and types of mutation, variations, and adaptations. The lesson allowed students to become familiar with the appropriate vocabulary and science behind mutation, biotechnology, genetic engineering, adaptation, and evolution. They also were able to identify the potential benefits and risks of mutation and its causes.





Hope Connolly, Samuel Kempf, Owen Laufenberg, Kenadie Munson, Gary Pittman, Blake Reeves, Madelyn Rogstad, Alexis Vavricka, Elizabeth Volenec, Caitlyn Wetter, Evie Whitaker


Connor Dowell, Amiah Fisher, Adriana Jelle, Elyse Linscheid, MaKaya McCarthy, Rachel Rickard, Ashton Schmitz, Rylee Stecklein, Lilliana Vivian, Sophie Volenec, Lillian Warne, Landon Wetzel


Lucas Christiansen, Bret Connolly, Lakyn Holman, BreAnn Kohlenberg, Jana Lluch-Armengol, Katie Rickard, Addison Schafer, Addysen Spink, William Whitaker


William Fulton, Rilya Hrubes, Addison Kramer, Lexie Kuhls, Noah Lange, Cora Litteral, Ellison Moen, Gabriella Munson, Myles Pettit, Pajessa Phillips, Trinity Phillips, Delaney Reid, Laila Ritchie, Alexandria Sporle, Lucinda Spurley



Jalyssa Cordts, Yessica Garcia, Jonah Hoeper, Madyson Hogan, McKenna McPhail, Bailey Orth, Jenna Paradis, Ashley Runde, Laighton Schafer, Julia Searls, Bekka Shemak, Cameron Shores, Alexis Thoma-Blankenberg


Meagan Cullen, Bentley Cutts, Grace Gochenaur, Emmerson Moen, Angelina Peat, Alaina Schultz, Cyle Steffl, Morgan Washburn


Riellyn Cartwright, Linnea Elg, Georgia Haase, Scot Pittman, Dawson Reid, Gretta Schmitz


Galilea Aburto – Gomez, Nina Buroker, Jaxon Busse, Daniel Dosch, Maddox Fisher, Anayeli Garcia-Cuahizo, Abigail Hake, Quinn Hoeper, Brooklyn Jennings, Quentin Koss, Sam Lundell, Reese Peterson, Jonah Wetter, Addyson Winkers


Mackenzie Hynes, Ivy Lindner, Karstyn McIntosh, Caden Pennekamp, Audrey Rowe


Jayden Ballard, Nikolei Freymiller, Charles Harwick, Nina Moore, Lillian Pettit


Blake Droessler, Aiden Friesen, Gavin Hinderman, Sadie Hoge, Faith Kite, Baylee Leix, Carter Rickard, Myles Rowe


Josie Jelle, Treaton Loeffelholz, Emery Riemenapp, Michael Schroeder, Hunter Stevens

Celebrating IGHS Staff

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From the Desk of Mrs. Gallagher

In February, IGEMS will be busy with events! Please check Ms. Bast’s post or look at the February calendar Ms. Kennicker made for all the fun! We will be hosting dress-up days in honor of Kindness Week. There are wrestling and girls' basketball games after school. Here is a list of the home events:

  • February 6th MS Wrestling Meet is Home at 4:30 p.m.

  • February 7th MS Girls’ Basketball is Home versus Platteville

  • February 9th MS Girls’ Basketball is Home versus Mineral Point

  • February 16th MS Girls’ Basketball is Home versus Cuba City

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the spelling bee last month and to the students who represented Iowa-Grant at the sectional spelling bee. Thank you to Mrs. Boldt for organizing the event. Congratulations to the students that participated in the Math 24 competition at CESA 3. Thank you to Ms. Laufenberg for coordinating this event.

There are so many great students, staff, and events at Iowa-Grant Elementary Middle School that I hope I do not miss anyone. Please know your efforts are appreciated. It has been a wild winter so I hope the groundhog does not see his shadow and we can head into spring!

A Note from Mrs. Bast

IGEMS had 25 students attend 4K screening in January. Anyone who did not attend in January who has a child who will be 4 on or before September 1st is encouraged to contact the IGEMS office to schedule a screening appointment, learn more about our full-day 4K program, and to be placed on our list to receive information about registration and events for the 2023 school year.

February is a short month packed with noteworthy events:

  • February 2nd: Groundhog Day and World Read Aloud Day

  • February 6-10 is National School Counseling Week. We are so grateful for our school counselors, Mrs. Leeser and Ms. Benish, and to our SEL Mental Health Coordinator, Michele Wetter. We thank them for their dedication to helping all students. They make a difference!

  • February 9th will be our 100th Day of School this year.

  • February 14th: in addition to classroom Valentine’s Day parties, our Kindergarten classes will attend the Wedding of Q & U.

  • During the week of February 13-17th, students and staff members will demonstrate their caring hearts by doing as many kind deeds as they can. IGEMS will have special dress up days throughout the week:

    • Monday-rainbow colors

    • Tuesday-red and pink (or formal clothing for Q & U’s wedding!)

    • Wednesday-wacky day

    • Thursday-hats and headbands

    • Friday-Panther spirit day

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held during the week of February 20th.

  • There will be no school on Friday, February 24th.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

Middle School Honor Roll - Quarter 2

8th Grade High Honors:

Cash Anderson, Griffen Cartwright, Ella Dosch, Abigail Droessler, Addeline Elg. Landon Friesen, Noah Gochenaur, Jacob Grindey, Madelyn Klein, Presley Lehman, Lillian Linscheid, Calvin McHone, Riley McLaughlin, Kyleigh Miles, Harlei Rochon, Brayden Shemak, Carley Shores, June Spurley, Charlie Volenec, Madeline Warne, Deacon Wetzel, Jack Whitaker, and Owen Wyatt

7th Grade High Honors:

Camryn Andrew, Hayden Aultman, Jason (Will) Biddick, Kylie Breuer, Ty Cutts, Breanna Dowell, Alayna Enloe, Liam Hildreth, Cadence Kelley, Ava Klaas, Evelena Linscheid, Henry Litteral, Trinity Loeffelholz, Chelsey Mueller, Carmen Parish, Stevie Pelton, Brynne Pettit, Makenna Riemenapp, Braelyn Rothamer, Ezmae Sandberg, Cole Schauff, Georgia Trecek, Braden Vacha, and Hadleigh Vivian

8th Grade Honors:

Wyatt Aide, Ubaldo Bartolo Marin, Kimberly Bartolo-Rivera, Parker Brandenburg, Holdyn Degenhardt, Adelyn Harlson, Brock Hinderman, Mason Hove, Connor Johnson, Max Kelley, Abby Lee, Aiden Lenz, Terrey Palmer, Valeria Ramos Ramirez, Grant Rickard, Serenity Rose, Tyler Schultz, Beckem Stecklein, Angel Vazquez Bartolo, Hayden Walker, and Kendra Wallace

7th Grade Honors:

Taylor Aide, Trysta Cordts, Reese Divall, Luis Escalante Rodriguez, Karla Gaytan, Joslyn Iverson, Olivia Koss, Trinity Lowe, Ali Milestone, Ethan Mulderink, Kellen Mumm, Isabella Neevel, Lilly Peterson, Rena Pettit, Brock Potter, Michelle Quiahua, Maria Schafer, Maxton Stevens, Ryan Thomas, Bryliee Washburn, Scarlett Welsh, Lucas Wetter, Colton Williams, and Parker Woods


Please check out the IGEMS lost and found. There are 2 tabs on this Google sheet. Make sure to check out both tabs.


Summer Recreation Summer 2023

It's that time of year again. 3rd-8th Grade Summer Rec. Softball/Baseball registration is now open.


Click on the link to complete your player's online registration. We will not be sending paper registration forms home this year. If you need assistance registering your player online please contact Christi or Danielle in the IGEMS office to set up a time to register. Let's play ball.

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Spelling Bee

Congratulations to our top spellers at IGEMS! Zayden J., a 7th grade student, was our spelling bee champion when he correctly spelled configuration. Presley L., an 8th grade student, was runner up. Taylor A., also a 7th grade student, received third place. Zayden and Presley represented Iowa-Grant at the regional spelling bee on January 25th at SWTC.

Reading Millionaire Status

These middle school students have reached the status of a reading millionaire for the first half of the school year. Reading one million words is the equivalent of 12-15 books. We challenge all middle school students to read one million words in a school year. Studies have shown that those students who read one million words in a school year have stronger vocabulary, have extensive background knowledge, perform better on standardized tests, and are better problem solvers. Keep on reading, Panthers! Pictured L-R: Lucas W. (7th Gr.), Mason H. (8th Gr.), Terrey P. (8th Gr.), & Shane R. (6th Gr.)

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Math 24

Brycen H., George L., and Wyatt H. competed in the Math 24 contest at SWTC on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. This event is hosted by CESA 3. Math 24 is a unique math game designed to sharpen students’ mental math, number sense, critical thinking, problem-solving, and pattern sensing. Offered in a tournament-style competition, students compete using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to develop solutions to problems that equal 24.

The competition was fierce and we are thankful for the way these young Panthers represented Iowa-Grant.

WHAT: 3rd Grade Wax Museum

WHEN: April 11th

TIME: 5:30 - 6:15 pm



Great job to the Art Club students on their Northern Lights Landscape projects! The next Art Club meeting date is TBD.

IGEMS Yearbook on Sale NOW until February 3rd!!!

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