Jordyn's Rondo Performance

4th Quarter Solo Project


Tuesday, April 26th, 2:30pm

Discovery Middle School, 40th Avenue South, Fargo, ND, United States or also known as in The Drama Room

It will be preformed by me. (Jordyn Pearson)

Composer Information

My composer is Keith Snell

He began teaching piano at the age of 15

His mother would watch/guide him through the songs

He is well known to piano teachers

He has shared his knowledge about piano around the United States by visiting that particular state/country

About the Performer

Things about me is that my favorite animal is any type of cat, I love to draw and read. I have niece that is going to be 2 on May 13. I am the youngest in my family. I have 2 older brothers (one is 19 and the other is 23 who is the father of my niece) , a older sister (15). I live in Fargo, North Dakota.


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Mezzo Forte

Mf means Mezzo Forte meaning play Medium Loud
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F means Forte meaning play Loud
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B Flat Key Signature

B Flat Key Signature means there will be a b flat in the song
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Piano means to play soft


Working on the project was really fun and I loved to learn about this song and the composer and I would love to do something like this again. My favorite thing about the project was that I got to send time with my friends and preform a song to my sectional class.