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Fill yer sails with the amazing work of ye mateys at NP3!

February 13, 2014


NP3 professional development is quite an amazing opportunity. Many schools are in a place of conforming to district requirements and specifications, and strive to work around these constraints to make time for teams and collaboration. NP3 has the unique opportunity to provide team time within the school day on a weekly basis, in addition to common prep time. It is extraordinary to have this be part of the work week.

PD at NP3 allows us to grow as professionals and build relationships. Everything we do during PD time, effects student learning and choices we make in the classroom. We get to share practices, students, assessments, changes in curriculum and instruction and reflect on our instruction and student learning. It is HARD work, but in the end, impacts why we're all here: to prepare students and provide the best learning experiences and opportunities for them to be successful in the real world.

Way to go NP3! Your hard work is noticed and appreciated!

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Changes with CCSS Math and English

How has your experience with Common Core been the same or different as shown in the video?

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

· NP3 Website! Don't forget to keep your website up to date with class and advisory information, announcements. A suggestion: when sending out emails to parents, also include a link directly to your site for parent ease!

· Teacher Duty! Duty allows for adult presence on campus and fosters appropriate student choices! Your presence matters! :) English Teachers = before school Math Teachers = before 2nd period Social Studies Teachers = before 3rd period Science and PE Teachers = before 4th period All Teachers = before Advisory

· Feb 13th! No PD!

· Feb 14 & 17! No school! 4-Day weekend!

· Box Tops! Are back! Winning advisory will get an ice-cream party! They are due to Giao Feb 26th.

· 6th celebration! The next 6th grade celebration is Friday 2/21.

· Coming Soon! Info on Science Fair and Awards-Feb 28

· WASC Visitation! Feb 23-Feb 26

Share with Advisees:

· Feb 14 & 17! No school! 4-Day weekend!

· From Hunt! Students who bring skateboards, Razor Scooters, etc. to school are to leave them in the front office. They may not be left with a teacher, advisor, they must be left in the front office.

· Box Tops! Are back! Winning advisory will get an ice-cream party! They are due to Giao Feb 26th.

· Valentine's Day Grams! Grams will be passed out on 2/13.

· Pennies for Patients-Starts Feb 18th!

· Jellybean fundraiser! Put on by student govt Feb 18-21.