Thirteen Reasons Why

by Jay Asher


Clay Walker had a box of cassette tapes show up at his front door a little after Hannah Baker killed herself. In the tapes Hannah told that whoever was listening that each tape had a person. In the tape for each specific person she was telling how they were one of the reasons she had commit suicide. Each person was forced to pass the tapes to the next person on the list or else all of the tapes would be publicly released. So unless the tapes weren't passed on all the way, everything stayed in between the thirteen people. Although each tape had a reason why she killed herself one of them did not. This answered all of Clays questions because he did not understand how he would've been on the list. When he came to his tape, the fear that had been filling inside of him went away because Clay did not belong on this list. He was extremely devastated because he missed her and realized there was nothing he could do to get Hannah Baker to come back into his life.


The Moral of this story is that you should make sure that what you do is hurting someone and also maybe you need to think about it for a minute while joking becuase there might be other bad things going on in someones life and a joke may make it worse.