Taking The Initiative

Help Stop Discrimination By Age and Gender In CHS Students

The Effects Of Not Intervening

In an ABC News social experiment, a boy child actor and a girl child actor pretended to be lost in a busy street. After a few minutes, the extent of gender discrimination people have was shown. It "took more than 20 minutes before anyone noticed that [the boy] was lost and came to his rescue," which was "4 times longer than it took for strangers to come to the aid of [the] girl actors" (Pisarcik WWW). This is unacceptable; if the boy was really lost, it would take much longer for him to get help than if it was a girl, increasing the chances of the boy getting kidnapped or worse! This inane discrimination could result in damage to a boy's life. This discrimination needs to be stopped.

To All Staff

Lots of CHS Students, just like those people on the streets in the ABC News experiment, discriminate by age and gender by refusing help when lost students are asking them. The next time you see a student not helping, please intervene and stop this! A student refusing to help a lost student on those bases is wrong and needs to be stopped! Help be a part of this and take the initiative! With a small step at a time, this age and gender discrimination will be stopped in CHS! Do you want what could have happened in the experiment to happen at CHS?

The Next Time You See A CHS Student Not Helping A Lost Student Due To Gender And Age Discrimination, Step In!

Slowly with one step at a time, you- the CHS Staff- can help incite this change! And eradicate gender and age discrimination in helping lost CHS Students!