One Of Us

We are a big team.

While doing our work ideally, we communicate and have an idea about each other.

What about our personality, choices, view of life and career roadmap? Would you like to learn them too?

Our second guest of "One Of Us" interviews is Özgür Doğan.

Let's get to know him.

Özgür Doğan - Area Maintenance Responsible

I love to write about movies that have impressed me

Could you tell us about yourself, your family and your interests?

I was born in 1974, in Malatya. I graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the Izmir Dokuz Eylül University. I worked as Information Technology Network Expert at the Çelebi Air Service Directorate and Izmir Station and as Manager at the Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Building Management Department for 12 years.

I was abroad between 2013 and 2014. In 2014 I worked as a Technical Manager at a hotel of the Özdilek Holding. My mother and father are retired teachers and live in Izmir. My sibling works as a lawyer at the law unit of a university in Ankara. I love to travel. I’m a good picturegoer. I particularly try not to miss the works of directors I follow. I write texts on my blog about the movies that impress me.

Football is another area I’m interested in. At the Internet, however, I love watching documentaries on topics such as “How to do?” or “How does it work?”. I regularly visit a site called springwise, where creative business ideas are shared. Recently, I have read books on “healthy nutrition”. If I have the time, I definitely visit museums in every city I visit.

I love to learn

How do your colleagues describe you?

This is really a difficult question. It is not quite possible to give an objective answer. Something like “He loves to learn and to share the things he has learned.” comes to my mind at first.

Could you briefly summarize your philosophy of life?

My philosophy of life is based on researching, learning and questioning.

How and when did your journey start in Anel?

I became acquainted with Anel Elektrik during the construction of the Atatürk Airport International Terminal in 1999. I saw the detailed news about the works of Anel in the Sky Magazine. In the following years, I had the opportunity to follow-up its growth and its projects through the Internet and my friends working in the company. Upon the recommendation of my friends working for Anel, I made a job application. I started to work as Aegean Area Responsible at the Turkcell Izmir Operation in October 2014.

Making an exchange of ideas is an important source of motivation

There are times when you face difficulties in your business and private life. What is your motivation to go on?

During hard periods, we try to increase our mutual dialogues to perform a situation assessment and to develop a strategy together with my friends in our team. Making an exchange of ideas ensures a substantial motivation and synergy for all of us. Moreover, I pay more attention to my regular sleeping pattern and duration in such situations. When healthy nutrition and sports/walking exercises are combined with sufficient sleep, it ensures us the individual motivation and positive thinking we need.

What are your dreams for the future?

I imagine a country, where our energy dependence is terminated by renewable sources, where no environmental pollution or occupational accidents are experienced and where welfare has reached the generality of society.

The talent you wished to have the most ………

“Being able to read very fast” sounds great.

If you had a chance to make the world a better place, where would you begin?

I would start by forming a team to set out on their path with the goal to ensure that each child/youngster throughout the world may reach modern and scientific education of good quality and to render such condition sustainable.

In your opinion, in which situation/when they do what people become interesting?

If the talent to think in a different and detailed manner is combined with analytical and application skills, then one can become an interesting business professional.

Plan – Apply – Check – Take Measures – Develop..

What would you like to teach your child about the business world?

The cycle summarized as Plan-Apply-Check-Take Measures-Develop… comes into being in a vast field within business life. I would like to teach how to access such principles and knowledge. I would explain the undeniable value of efficient communication and team work within business life by virtue of examples predicated on experience.