The Always War

English 11 Book Project by Dustin Thome

Theme 1: Question everything!

The characters in this book thought outside of the box and questioned what everyone assumed was true. The Always War is a story about the future United States. A civil war has broken out, dividing the US. The two sides have advanced technology that basically does the fighting autonomously with computerized robots. In reality, there is no fighting, the computers have secretly calculated that the two sides would wipe each other out completely if fighting continued. So the robots send false reports of war to each side. The protagonists of The Always War run away to the battleground. But there is no battleground, just an uninhabited no man's land created by a lie.
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Theme 2: Sometimes others know what is best for you

The Always War shows how humans can and will make bad choices. This war is seen as the end to humanity by the computers. The robots gain independent thought and are able to make their own choices. The humans do not know that the computers can make their own choices. The computers take advantage of this by sending false battle reports to each side, forcing the two sides farther and farther apart. By pushing them away from each other, the robots essentially save the humans from destroying themselves. In this case, the robots knew what was best for humanity when the humans did not.

How my themes relate

Both themes give advice on decision making. They show that it is wise to think twice. This can range from everyday decisions to the biggest choices of your life. Always remember to take advice from others and question everything!