6 East News and Information

April 8-12

Upcoming Events

State Testing is THIS week!

April 9-10: ELA

April 11: Math

Please make every effort to be at school for these three days!!

ELA - Rowe and Owens

We will be taking the ELA State Test on Tuesday & Wednesday this week. Students will have to turn their phones off & have them kept in the office during these tests. The students have been notified about this State Law. Please encourage your students to get plenty of rest & eat breakfast!

Geography - Taylor

UPDATE: Mrs. Taylor needs another week to recover from her surgery. She will be back Monday, April 15th.

I will be out of school recovering from surgery March 29 through April 5. My plan is to return on the 5th if I am able. I will do my best to stay in communication with parents during that time, please be patient if I am slow in responding. My sub is a certified teacher who has worked in the building before so I am confident that I am leaving my students in the best hands.

After spring break we will continue learning about the current information and cultures of Central America and the Caribbean. The map test will be Wed. and Thur., the 27th and 28th. Study guides were sent home before the break and seterra.com is a great interactive study tool.

After the test we will start learning about the physical features of the Caribbean South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana), make a physical and political map of the region and create a South America physical features map.

Absent and missing work is on the website in the lesson plan link at the bottom. It is the student's responsibility to check for absent work, get papers from the crate in the classroom, and ask questions as needed to complete the assignment(s).

Math - Wright and Norman

Student will take the state math test on April 11th. We are using every day to prepare our students!

Students can review math vocabulary and view study guides online at http://www.mustangps.org/TestPrep.aspx.

All math students can practice their math skills online at prodigygame.com/play. Students know their usernames and passwords. This is a great way to prepare for the state test!

Pre Algebra - Norman

Sixth grade students at Meadow Brook will take the OSTP state math test on Thursday, April 11th. The Pre-Algebra students are using the this time to get ready for the state test by reviewing sixth grade math skills.

All student can go online at the state department and take the practice OSTP test for more practice before testing. The students have already done this in class and know the username and password.

Students may also practice their math skills online at prodigygame.com/play. Students know their usernames and passwords. This is a great way to prepare for the state test!

Science - Clanahan

We will continue our Unit covering Ecosystems. This week we will cover biodiversity and discuss the impact humans have on the environment.

Team Discipline Policy UPDATE

Our team is working together to ensure the best learning environment for our students. To that end, we are improving our "3 Strikes" system for behavior issues.

  • Strike 1: Warning
  • Strike 2: Lunch and Recess Detention
  • Strike 3: After School Detention and Parent Contact

We will start fresh every two weeks to allow students the opportunity to improve and make wise behavior choices.