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recent happenings in 4th grade - April 4 - April 8

It's great to have wonderful weather like we've been having! Just a couple of reminders to help us get the most out of 4th quarter:

  1. Please continue to talk with your 4th grader about working hard during the school day. Many of us are getting a bit of spring fever!
  2. Continue working at home on reading, multiplication facts, TenMarks and iStation. Of course, not all of these every night, but 20-30 minutes of something school related each night will help reinforce our learning.
  3. Responsibility seems to be slipping for many students. Please help your student remember to charge their chromebook each night and check their planner for homework that needs to be completed.


In ELA, we continued talking about what is important to remember in our reading. We also practiced some grammar skills on NoRedInk.com and began documenting some information on a famous Missourian. Famous Missourian google slides are due Wednesday 4/13. In math, we continued measurement. We converted metric lengths and began discussing time. With our chromebooks and other digital tools, many students are struggling telling time on an analog clock (one with the hands). Any extra practice you can do at home would be helpful. Next week, we move to elapsed time and students who cannot correctly identify the time on the clock will struggle with this next step.

Multiplication and Division!

Be sure to continue working on multiplication facts! Our average has taken a dip and about half of us have not met the 80 multiplication facts yet. This is one of those skills that just takes practice, practice, practice. Please help as much as you can! We are also working on division fluency. We do not have a division goal, but are just working to improve each time.
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Headphones/Earbuds Needed

Headphones or earbuds were on the school supply list at the beginning of the year, but many students have lost theirs or they have been broken. Please check with your student if they still have theirs or need new ones. We use them regularly and it will be required that students have some prior to MAP testing as there is a listening component.

Dates to Remember...

o April 29 - Field Trip – Truman Museum

o May 3 – Career Day (8:50-10:50 a.m.) ** Still needing presenters!!!

o May 9 – Field Day!

o May 11 – PVE LIM Leadership Day

o May 13 - Egg Drop (more info coming soon)

o May 19 – MO/Pioneer Day (More information coming soon)

o May 23 – Last Day of School – Early Release at 12:45 p.m.

Melissa Hertzog

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!