Analyzing Form Results

- BEST District of the EVSC - November 19, 2015

Part 3: "I have given a Check for Understanding (CFU) via a Google Form, now what?"

If you are asking this question, then you are right on track! The past two weeks, we have focused on working smarter instead of harder. Using Google Forms to digitize an assessment, then running the Add-on, Flubaroo, to grade the assessment allows us to work more efficiently. Now that we have the data, interpreting the results becomes the most critical piece of this process. The following information will shed light on some of the awesome data analyzation features of Google. Forming enrichment or remediation groups will be so much easier. Check it out!
Inside of the Google Sheet where all of the Form Submissions have been entered, you can choose to change cell colors under certain conditions. For example, all students that score 70% or below on an assessment may need to be assigned red indicating a need for remediation. By assigning colors to the data, patterns begin to emerge.

Step 1

Click Format -- Conditional Formatting

Step 2 (See Image Below)

  • Determine a cell range (Probably all cells)
  • Determine cell formatting
  • Choose the formatting style
  • Click Done, or Add another rule
Big image

Conditional Formatting Video

Google Sheets - Tutorial 04 - Conditional Formatting

Option 2: Explore

Maybe an even more powerful tool than Conditional Formatting exists via the Explore button. This button is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the open spreadsheet (see image below). Simply click this button to see various graphs of the student submissions. The graphs change in real time as the user changes the range of questions selected. In other words, maybe you select a group of students or a group of questions to dive into the data more deeply.
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Check Out this One Minute Video About the Explore Feature

Explore in Google Sheets