All About Me

By:Selena Lee

I Love Astronamy

My brothers are a big fan of Astronamy, and because i am so close to my brothers they thought me about it. I love the ways nebula's look, the colors just amaze me. My 3 favorite nebula's are the center of the lagoon, the Carine nebula, and the horse head nebula.


My favorite batman movie is the original Batman, with Adam West in 1966. My favorite line in the movie is Robins Holy line like "holy costume party batman". I like the Batman movies because batman is not a hero in every one point of view, in some people perspective Batman is a vigilante but in my perspective he is a hero

My favorite T.V. shows

Horror movies

Growing up i would always watch horror movies with my older cousins Isaiah, Alex, and Adam. I would also watch them with my brothers Ian and Zach. because I watch them so often they don't scare me much but they are still a thrill to watch.


I could always find the candy my parents hide in the house, my favorite candy's are the sour ones. But my favorite movie theater candy is junior mints. Every Christmas my family would do polyana and i would always try to get the candy stuff.