Create a "how to" Movie

use iMovie to create a movie

#1. Create a StoryBoard

Determine a tutorial to demonstrate in a movie

This must be a school appropriate topic---> "how to" movie.

Use to create a storyboard-

map out what your movie is going to be about and what it will need to include.

List all materials/supplies needed

List out ALL the steps in detail

*Screenshot when done*

Turn in screenshot on GClassroom.

PRINT your storyboard-write your name on it---->leave it in the classroom to use everyday

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Idea Help

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#2- Pictures

Create a folder on your desktop-

Begin to search for pictures to use in your movie


Search Options:

  • use google images (be sure to choose pictures that are not watermarked
  • use sites on symbaloo-clip art, school clip art, etc.

Save these pictures in the folder you created- don't just have them on your desktop

You will need AT LEAST 10 pictures to get the points.

you will need 30-40 pictures to meet the time limit requirements.

#3. Begin in iMovie (found in apps/finder)

iMovie Interface

#4- Add pictures/Title/Transitions

Adding titles to iMovie
Maps and Backgrounds
Adding transitions

#5- Add Sound/Voice over or video

Audio and voice overs in iMovie

Video Rules

*If you are creating/recording your how to @ home........

-use your ipad/phone @ home


-record for only 20-30 secs. at a time

-it's ok if you end up with 8 or more videos.

-use the camera to record- NOT another app

Splitting Clips

#6- Finalize & Save Movie

Click Share-

Check to make sure it is on your desktop-

wait till it's done then we will put them on CDs.

We will watch them and they will be put on youtube.

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How To Movies will be graded based on Rubric

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