Food Kitchen event - free meals

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This is a social intervention project to help the needy especially during these difficult economic times.

We are offering a free hot meal, drinks, medicines and other items; all for free

Join us at the event and you are welcome to help in the organization of the food kitchen

Food Kitchen by

Saturday, Aug. 29th, 10:30am

Oba Sanni Komolafe Sports Centre (Ile Pako). [Amoo street by Oke-Koto Bus Stop/ Rainoil filling station]. Agege, Lagos


- Registration

- Free medical screening

-Distribution of hot meals, drinks

- Take home items - clothes, toiletries

- Entertainment & musical performances

Write to us: for more information

To make the event a success, we need:

- Volunteers (Doctors. Pharmacists. Caterers. Motivational speakers/ entertainers. Crowd control specialists. Translators. Publicists and General volunteers)

- Bags of Rice

- Water and beverages

- Medical Supplies and

- Items to giveaway - clothes, toiletries and so on