Blood of Olympus

By Rick Riodran

Jason's perspective

Hi my names Jason grace and I'm one of the seven demigods of the prophecy. My journey was very intense it involved a lot monsters and fighting. There were a lot of monsters that would track me and the rest of my team down and try to kill us. When i first started my first journey I fought a giant King, set a goddess free, and almost got my soul disintegrated by Hera. P.S. I'm the greatest demigod.
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Percy's perspective

Hi my name is Percy Jackson and don't mind Jason everyone knows that I'm the greatest demigod. Anyways the journey wasn't hard for me I'm the son of Poseidon. Sure there was a lot of monsters but I killed most of them. The scariest and hardest part of the journey was when me and Annabeth fell into Tartarus. We had to fight deadly monsters and even Tartarus himself
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Gaea's perspective

My name is Gaea the earth goddess and my plan is to destroy the Demigods and the gods and the world. I killed my husband the sky God because he killed my children the earth born. Then my new husband Tartarus and I had the Giants. After the first Titan war me and my sons planed to destroy the gods and the world MUHAAAAAAAA.

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Percy's perspective (again)

My names Percy Jackson and I'm a son of Poseidon. My plan is to take down Gaea and restore peace to the two camps. Me and my team have been through a lot of abuse we've been hit by rock gods, air spirits, but when Gaea woke up and Leo died i felt like I could've done more. Well that's all I got to say for now peace out.
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