SCI Jobs with Justice

Monthly Meeting Thursday at Lucky's at 5 p.m.


The April meeting was primarily a planning discussion and update. Times and places for various actions and activities were shared by representatives of member groups. Recurrent topic was identifying local and national issues JwJ can and should support.

If any of the following areas concern you please contact JwJ as a reply or through our website.


May Agenda:

Options for Future Action:

Driscolls: Berry company is violating and ignoring labor agreements at various locations in California and Mexico. Campaign is attempting to grow nationally.

Substandard Housing: Seeking assistance in relating HAND legislation to rented trailers which are known to be unsafe and unsanitary. (812-360-4961 Liz)

Update: Raise the Wage state meeting May 7

DfMC collecting and posting personal stories of low wage issues

New Item: US DOL Wage and Hour investigation

Joining actions against ALEC (convention in Indy late July)