Digital Citizenship Project

Kaliyah W P.6

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Digital Citizenship is how to use technology usefully and respectfully here some examples that support this:

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

Think Before You Post:

Be Respectful and Nice:

You should because your profile is basically you, always be kind because your dealing with a real person.

Rule#2: Information Privacy

Think Before You Do:

Do not click any ''free'' ads:

Spam your email, sell your information such as email, phone number, address, exec....

Rule#3: Social Networking

Think Before You Accept:

Don't talk to stranger on the web:

Can track you easily, see what you do. Always lock up your profile and accept friend request you already know.

Rule#4: Online Safety

Think Before You Sign Up:

Stay anonymous when don't know:

Use a name that doesn't give away your gender, age, and location.

Example: Math Geek!

Rule#5: Cyberbullying

Think Before You Say:

Never fight Back:
You'll only make it worst. You will only fall into their hands by making them get a reaction out of you. DON'T do that!

Rule#6: Plagiarism

Think Before you Take:

Don't Steal anyone's Work:

Not on a book report, music sheet, science paper, or art project don't steal others work. You might have to re-write the project, fail class, or deal with your parents.


Think Before you Copy:

Use Only Your Works:

When make your own work you can sell it, publish it, perform publicly, and make a video at of it.