College and Career Project

By Jasmine Hernandez


The career i have chosen for myself is a Graphic Designer/Visual Arts professional. Since I have some art experience, then i figured other than a artist selling my art, this was a more lucrative option. This job requires me to use my imagination to create art, graphics, logos, etc. for hire. This career is an opportunity for me to pursue what im passionate about and to learn more about art. It is a perfect choice for me because the human interaction is at a minimum, but even though a job isn't always guaranteed, I am going to go for it anyway.

Career Details

On average, a graphic designer is paid $44,590 per year. Higher paid (about 10%) of graphic designers in Texas are paid around $70,000 per year. There are not many careers like this, it is more of one of those special request jobs. Due to advances in technology and evolution of art, graphic design might become more popular in the future.
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Pictured above is a chart that represents my monthly financial statistics.

College: University of North Texas

History and Description of UNT

Founded by Joshua C. Chilton in 1890

Diverse, accepting atmosphere, sustainable campus that cares about the environment, and takes art seriously.

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Application Information and Requirements

In order to be accepted, the applicant must graduate from high school. For an automatic admission, the applicant must be in the top 10% of their class. For guaranteed admission, the student must graduate in the top 15% with an SAT score of a minimum of 950 (or 20 on the ACT).


Some available majors and offers are:

Arts and Sciences





Visual Arts and Design

Surrounding Area

The campus is located in Denton, TX, my favorite city. It is full of historical buildings, high quality restaurants, and activities. There is shopping everywhere in Denton. There are movie theatres, waterparks, and museums in the area, only minutes away.

Residence info and Meal Plans

UNT is equipped with a variety of residences all around campus. The commuting option is also available for students who would prefer to live off campus or with family. Residential and commuter meal plans are available for a reasonable price, and the college is surrounded by places to eat, such as in Denton town square, a short distance from anywhere on campus.

10 Facts about my College

1. UNT is a public university.

2. It offers a wide variety of majors and career opportunities as well as extra-curricular programs.

3. It has a great location, in a city with a lot to do.

4. The first jazz studies started at unt.

5. UNT has been named one of America’s best 100 college buys for around 17 consecutive years.

6. UNT is home to an albino squirrel and more have been spotted around campus for several years.

7. UNT has a special miniature book collection.

8. More than 1,606,000 gallons of water are expected to be saved through UNT's recycling efforts this year.

9. Approximately 92,960 pizzas are made from scratch in the UNT Dining Halls every year.

10. 2,180 recycling receptacles are available on the UNT main campus.

Why is this School a good fit for me?

This college is my best fit because it is a reasonable distance from my home, which I will be commuting from. It offers a reasonably priced college experience in my favorite city. By commuting, I will save a lot of money for when I do decide to move out, so then I will be in a much better financial situation than most of my peers.

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