Online Safety

By: Kyle

Online Safety

I learned that you should never give away your password or other personal info online. Other people could give people false statements about you and ruin your profiles. They can even find out where you live. They could come kidnap or do something else that’s horrible to you too.

If you realised that someone got your profile for themselves. You will need to change it ASAP. If you don’t, you could be in great danger. If someone tries it again you need to tell someone that you are being traced you have a big problem. Also that it could endanger you and your friends.

If somebody tries to get on your phone and do things you don’t like, you need a new password or phone. You should ALWAYS tell your parents if you get hacked. If you don’t, well just tell them and you could be fine at least 99% of the time. When a person wants to talk to you that you don’t know just decline the offer and it won’t kill you to say NO.
When you make the password make sure it has eight characters and doesn’t involve your name, a friends name, or a pet/family member’s name. If not change it now. Make sure it has a combo of letters and numbers. Be sure that nobody has had this password or you have ever used this password before.

Don’t get yourself or others in danger, change your password from every month or two. If you don’t, just change it don’t risk it. I hope that all of you are on the internet and will never be followed in a bad way. Stay off of terrible websites/scams. Keep your mind on a good password all the time.