Tech for World

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What is Tech for World?

Tech for World is a club that helps create inspiration for students that want to go into the technology field. Our goal is to get students to think about "Real Innovation" which is creating apps, machinery, etc. that can solve the world's problems. Students learn that advance in technology is not the only way to innovate new ideas.

What we do

Each meeting we will do one of the following things

  1. Discuss about current problems and ways to fix them through technology
  2. Learn about problems around the world to inspire members to come up with a solution
  3. Fund raise money for technology to give to people in developing countries who have innovative ideas
  4. Have guest speakers talking about innovation (Toby Shapshak, William Kamkwamba)


Meetings will take place every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 after school in room 116. New members are welcomed!