Ancient Egypt Inventions


Agriculture inventions

The Egyptians invented many things. They made the irrigation system, this made farming possible. The irrigation system lead to statues and agriculture took over hunting, it was really popular for people to farm. They also made a ox-drawn plow which would help them plant and maintain their plants and gardens. As you can see they made many inventions that helps us today.

The most important invention

The most important invention is irrigation because the flooding of the Nile river enabled farming. They invented irrigation systems. This was helpful because it fertilized the soil inland. So we could produce crops. They based their lives on the three stages of agriculture. (June-September was flood, October-January was the sowing time, February- May was the harvest time). They harvested corn and vegetables. They also invented basin irrigation this is when they trapped the water in basins around mud walls.
*Very few Egyptians had land, they mostly worked on it.