Krystal Hernandez/ World Geography/ 11-7-14

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Beatiful Argentina

Argentina is one of the beautiful places there's a lot of places you can visit, and if you are a fan of soccer Argentina is your place.


Almost 90% percent of Argentina people consider themselves Roman Catholic. But only 18% percent of Argentina population attend to church.


Argentina official language is Spanish, but they also speak other languages which are English, German, Italian, and French. When they say "hello" in Argentina they are referring to "hola"
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Argentina major ethics groups are Latin Americans, Italians, Spaniards, and French.

Customs & Traditions

In Argentina is mostly fill of holidays and festival they kind of celebrated what we celebrated. some of their holidays and festivals are like Easter, Revolucion de Mayo, Flag day, Christmas day etc. Argentina is mostly know for tango, and famous music is Folk, Pop, And classical music. Also some parts of Buenos Aires are know for the "Beef" which means "Meat", but they say "Carne", and their arroz con leche.


What Argentina people do for living is agriculture exceptional lands, cattle and they bring cows, sheep, horses, and pigs lastly they manufacture goods.


Argentina celebrated "La Revolucion de Mayo" which means the revolution of may they celebrated because its the independence from Spain in 1810. They also celebrated "El dia de tradicon" day of tradition on November 10 they celebrated because is the birth of Jose Hernandez a Argentine guacho. One of Argentina celebtations where all the people gather to celebrated is "El carnival del pais" they start celebrating in January to February sometimes the first weeks of March.
Beautiful Argentina