Design A Planet

By Kaylee Yeager

What Kinds of Characteristics make a Planet Habitable?

A habitable planet depends on different variables. If you want people, animals, or anything to live on your planet it would need these types of things. A star, an orbit, a big enough mass, volcanoes, maybe some plate movement, liquid water and producers to give oxygen. To make a planet habitable it would need the right combinations of characteristics.

Combinations of a Habitable Planet

Star: Red Dwarf

Orbit: 0.4 AU

Planet Mass: twice as big as Earth (2)

Volcanoes: Yes

Plate Movement: No

Liquid Water: Yes

Producers: Yes


The name of my planet is Winchester. I am a bit far from my star (red dwarf) to be habitable but my volcanoes produce enough carbon dioxide in the air to warm me up. Stay away from my volcanoes! I will stay warm enough as long as it doesn't rain a lot and let the carbon dioxide out of my atmosphere. My mass is enough to have the right amount of atmosphere so people, animals, etc. can live on me. I have enough liquid water to support any life. The producers that live on me create enough oxygen and ozone so I can support life. Also my producers provide humans with food. I am orbiting around around a Red Dwarf and my rotation is the same as my revolution around the sun.


My planet would have 2 moons (Sam and Dean). Winchester's tides would be much higher and it would make it harder to live on the shorelines. This would result in the pull of both of the moons and it would cause land tides and volcanic explosions. The two moons would eventually collide and it would make a big extinction. This would result in an one moon orbiting Winchester and it would start another life era.
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Tilt of its Axis

The tilt of my planet would be at 90 degree angle. This would result in the poles being directly towards the sun and perpendicular to the sun. This would produce that one pole would be extremely hot and the other pole in complete darkness and extremely cold weather. Both of the hemispheres would have 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of night time. During this process Winchester would have to go through extreme hot and cold weather.
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The mass of my planet is twice as big of Earth's mass. The gravity Winchester would be twice as stronger, which would result in life being built differently. The life on Winchester would have to weigh twice as much, so life wouldn't be bouncing up and down. The animals on Winchester would have to have legs thicker to support their weight.

Kaylee Yeager

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