living in England would be a blast!

What do we want?

I know you guys want to live in a comforting place with all of our needs provided. Well London is the place! London's currency is different, which makes it harder to get used to, but that's no biggie! London has so much transportation, you wouldn't even need a car to travel to work. That's one less thing you have to worry about, and it saves you money!


London is known for there job choices. Even though you cant just sit around and get a job application in a snap, jobs do varie. Otherwise people are the keywords to finding employment here, get someone to recommend you, like Aunt Kate, She can recommend to a business!


as you know, jobs lead to money. Need a flat or rent to live in? London is full of places to stay. Food is a lot cheaper, so we could always go out to eat with the family. It's always good to save and save, for upcoming things like depositing and house payments, and trips to the vet with gabby.


It’s easy to get around London. The buses are great too and sometimes they can be as I prefer buses because you see more of the city.

The cheapest way to get around is to get an oyster-card (unless you want to walk of course, that’s cheap). If you travel every day it might be worth getting a travel card and paying the same amount for travel every month. That means for work you could get around for cheap everyday!


The United Kingdom government website has an easy online form that will tell you what type of visa you need. Most immigrants will need a visa of some kind, allowing them to live and possibly work in the UK for a certain amount of time.


London is a pet friendly place, and let dogs run around without a leash and let them go into some places. Some places to live allow pets, which would be perfect for gabby.


Healthcare is quick and easy in London. Instead of going to the pharmacy to pick up pills, all you have to do is wait for the doctor to hand it over! The paramedics are fast and everyone is a pro. The medical care is safe and is healthy.


The schools in London are fit for Krystal, my sister, and I. The schools have great reviews and great education. There are multiple schools to choose from. Each school is fit and designed for learning with a great purpose. Reviews say the teachers are very intelligent, and these schools make you better as an individual!