followers are called muslims

a Muslims way of life

Muslims believe that there is one god and that he created everything.The Islamic belief was founded by Abraham, whom also founded other beliefs such as Judaism and Christianity. Muslims believe on the Five Pillers of Faith, which are similar to Christians ten commandments. These rules for Muslims include the command to pray which is performed at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset and at night, when they are about to go to bed. The second Islamic rule is that Muslims must give two and a half of their annual income. They know that if everybody did this, there would be no more poverty. The third pillar represents the command to take a trip at least once in their life time (if they can afford it.) This is also known as pilgrimage. The fourth pillar represents the rule of belief. In order to become a Muslim, you need to believe that Allah is the one and only God. Every ninth month of the year, Muslims celebrate Ramadan. This ninth month, Muslims observe with fasting, or limiting their food, to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. It is a Muslims tradition to take an annually trip to the city of Mecca, if they can afford it.. Muslims worship in a mosque, which is led by an imam. The holy book of Muslims is called a Quran.