Kindergarten Announcements

September 16, 2016

This Week in Kindergarten

We continue to be very busy in Kindergarten at MPES! This week your child explored patterned texts in stories, poems, rhymes and songs! We sang "The Wheels on the Bus" and identified the repeating parts of this popular children's song. We also read The Napping House, I Went Walking and The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. We discussed how patterns in stories can grow, shrink, and even help us with prediction! Exploring patterned texts is a pre-reading skill and helps students learn how to sound like a reader! In writing, students are learning how to hear and record sounds. ! In math, we finished our introduction of teen numbers. Your child should be able to identify, write, and count objects to 20 at this time! Please go over this skill at home by having your child count real objects in any arrangement. We will be reviewing this skill next week as well. Your child learned to sing "We All Live Together" by Greg and Steve. This song has a patterned text and helped your child to understand how we live in neighborhoods with children who attend MPES which is in Lilburn, Gwinnett County, Georgia, USA, and on the continent of North America!

Next Week in Kindergarten

Assessments are ongoing! Teachers are meeting with students to assess their ability to count to 100 by 1's and 10's, count objects 1:1, and number writing. Teachers are also asessing students' ability to tell where they live, including their city, county, country, and continent.

I will also be assessing your child's ability to write their first and last names correctly. Students should be able to form all letters in their names correctly using left-right directionality and capital letters correctly. Please encourage your child to begin their name with a capital letter followed by lower case letters only.

Please go over letters and sounds with your student at home. All letters and sounds have been introduced and we are moving forward with syllables and rhyming words.

Guided Reading Are Beginning

Guided reading groups are beginning! ! Your child will be bringing home a guided reading book in a ziploc bag to read each night. Please have your child read their book to you and sign the form in the bag. Please help foster independence in your child by having your child place their book baggy with the book in their backpack themselves. Your child needs to return their book each day in order to receive a new book to take home. Lost or damaged books must be replaced and are $5.00.

Don't forget to go over sight words with your child during this reading time at home. The sight words have been sent home in your child's orange folder. You can review these words by making them into flash cards or making a game. Students should be able to read them quickly and fluently. Learning to read sight words will help your child improve their writing skills as well.

Writing at Home

Your child needs to be able to generate a sentence and hold it in their head. Help your child say the sentence aloud and count how many words are in the sentence. Then draw a line for each word on your child's paper. Have your child write each word on the line by having them say the word slowly and record what they hear. At this time, your child may only be able to hear beginning and ending sounds. Encourage them to work independently while making each letter correctly. It is important for parents to foster independence in writing with as little support as possible. A pictionary is also a good tool for your child to learn to use to help with writing unknown words. Students should be writing at least two sentences about a topic by the end of Kindergarten!


Kindergarten E-Class is up and running! Students have been taught their student number and password. They are able to login to their e-class page. Students are able to access Symbaloo and practice reading and math games at home. Sight Words are also available on E-Class. Please go over this with your child at home and encourage them to use their e-class to reinforce skills and new learning.

Cougar Caller

Don't forget to reserve your copy of the Cougar Caller from PTA. This is a great resource for contacting fellow parents regarding birthday parties and other needs. Please contact Patti Martinez at 678.772.2979 if you are interested!

It's Apple Time!

Please have your child bring an apple to school by Wednesday, September 21. Students will be participating in special math and science related activities with their apples.

Also, we will be having an apple tasting party on September 26th. This is to honor Johnny Appleseed! We are asking parents to donate items made with apples so that each child can sample a food item. Our class has 25 students so please send enough for each child to have a taste. Please let me know if you are interested in providing a food item such as a small apple pie, apple juice, Apple Jacks cereal, etc.

Fall Conferences

Next week is Fall Conferences! Thank you to everyone who has signed up for a conference. I am looking forward to sharing information with you about your child's growth in kindergarten. If you have not signed up for a fall conference time you can refer to the letter that went home with instructions to sign up online, or visit the Mountain Park Elementary website.