Cross Cultural

Engagement Retreat

Cross Cultural Engagement Retreat

The purpose of the Cross Cultural Engagement Retreat is to provide students with the opportunity to deeply engage in conversations around cultural differences. Participants will spend a weekend at Cascadian Center at Camp Brotherhood to braoden their horizons and to explore the intersection of diversity and the campus community by participating in a vast amount of workshops and activities. Participants will need to come to the retreat prepared to actively participate in the activities and workshops by sharing views, attitudes, beliefs, and experiences openly and honestly. Don't miss out on this amazing and fun learning opportunity!

Retreat Goals

Students will create an atmosphere for open dialogue on multiculturalism

  • Students will participate in an atmosphere of open dialogue and multiculturalism
  • Students will become more aware of their impact in the Bothell Community
  • Students will promote a deeper understanding of and respect for others
  • Students will listen and reflect on diverse beliefs, values, attitudes, behaviors, and emotions for the purpose self-awareness and reflective citizenship


Reserve your space now! The form can be found on Huskysync:

Application Due Date

  • Monday, April 11th | 5pm

Retreat Dates

  • Friday, April 18th -Sunday, April 20th

Transportation will be provided.

Questions? Please contact Chelsea Lubong (

Cross Cultural Engagement Retreat

Friday, April 18th, 4pm to Sunday, April 20th, 10am

Cascadian Center at Camp Brotherhood, Brotherhood Road, Mount Vernon, WA

Mt Vernon, WA