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Are you a high schooler looking for more information about higher education?

Join our team of college experts for a virtual session to learn about resources that can kickstart your mindset and think outside of the traditional four-year college experience.


Date: January 20, 2022

Time: 4 PM PST/ 7 PM EST

Additional information will be sent out soon!


Virtual academic support is available for students in grades 6-12 who need assistance with their schoolwork.

Students will need to register only once for this opportunity but can drop in during the times when virtual academic support is being offered.

Click here to register

Elite Leadership Academy - Latinas Leading Tomorrow

The LLT E.L.I.T.E. (Exemplifying Leadership in a Team Environment) Academy is a personal branding and leadership development program for high school students. The academy promotes personal and professional development through interactive workshops and mentoring through the access of a professional Latina network (Madrinas) in the Washington D.C. metro region. Session topics include business and social etiquette 101, netiquette, personal branding, resume development and interviewing skills, public speaking and a trip to visit college campuses.

Who can apply?

Latina Students: 10th, 11th and 12th graders

Students with demonstrated leadership involvement

Students willing to accept new challenges

Role models for their school and community

Energetic, reliable, engaging, and innovative APPLICATION PROCESS?

Submit application and one letter of recommendation by January 31, 2022



ELITE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY For more info, contact:

When? March 5th-April 23rd Where? Virtual Meetings via Zoom W

Fall/Winter Events

County-Wide zoom sessions hosted centrally:

March 10th @ 6pm Award Statement Review: This workshop helps seniors and their parents understand the components of a financial aid statement that a college issues them after the student is offered admissions to the school. Participants learn how to calculate their cost of attendance, unpack the various grants, scholarships, and loans that may be included, and determine their financial need gap. This workshop can also be provided as 1:1 support for a student and their parents upon receiving offer letters.

NCAA Information Date/Time TBD Session by Jane Prince & company 😉

BHS Counselor Contact Information

Graduation Information

Parents/ Guardians, Create a Canvas Observer Account

Instructions on how the student can get their Canvas course code and parents can set up the account

  1. Students - Go into your student's 365 account, click on Canvas, and then click on settings. On the right hand side you will see Pair with an Observer. Click it and a code will come up. Write it down
  2. Parents: Have each child do step # 1.
  3. Go to:
  4. Click the orange Canvas for Parents button.
  5. It should bring you to a login screen. On the top right-hand side click on Parent of a Canvas user.
  6. Create your sign in information and use the student pairing code your student wrote down.
  7. If you have more than one child, in your account you can pair them by going to account and then observing. Add the pairing code and click the blue button.

For Instructions with screenshots:

Under Parent/Guardians, hit the blue ' Parent, Guardian, Observer Access Code To Canvas' to expand the area with directions.

Social Emotional Learning Video

School counselors are excited to continue supporting the mental and emotional wellness of our students. We are launching this curriculum and open forum sessions as a check in for all students.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which people acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain healthy relationships and make responsible decisions.

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to identify the effects of stress on the body, identify coping skills and how to maintain healthy thinking to protect against stress.

Students are being encouraged to complete the pre/post tests as a part of the check in for all students.

Students and parents are able to access the lesson, documents, and counseling forum zooms at:

Seniors - Class of 2022

Class of 2022 - Planning For Your Future

Navigating Naviance - Video Walkthroughs

How-to videos have been created to help navigate the college application process. Click the link below to watch how to request transcripts.

Log in for Naviance Student: (Choose “Student” -> “Log in via Clever” select BHS, log in using your office 365 credentials)

Register for College Visits:

Update College Application List in Naviance & Matching CA (REQUIRED):

How to Request a Letter of Recommendation:

Scholarship Searching:

Applying for Scholarships Workshop:

What if I want to take a another pathway other than college?

What if I want to take a another pathway other than college:

Individuals can be very successful in any line of work with a strong work ethic and grasping opportunities in front of them!

College Admissions Decoded Podcasts

Family Resources

Use Parent/StudentVUE for real time grade information:

As a reminder, ParentVUE and StudentVUE always display real time, accurate grades, including improved grades from reworked assignments. Prior marking period term grades on the printed report card may not always reflect all changes. If families see a discrepancy, have them check ParentVUE/StudentVUE for the most up-to-date grade.

PWCS Parent Learning Series

The new PWCS Parent Learning Series (PLS), formerly the Parent Summit, will continue helping families learn how to support their students as they navigate high school and beyond. Previous Parent Summit content as well as new sessions will be presented to parents through both live Zoom webinars and recorded on-demand sessions through the Canvas platform.

Resources During Distance Learning

Adolescents and Social Isolation

Meeting your child's needs during COVID and virtual schooling resources

Bobcat Break


Use any of these resources to put your mind at ease, reduce stress, calm any chaos, and recharge your spirit.

Counseling Advisory Council

Follow the link below to view what was discussed during the 2020-2021Counseling Advisory Council meetings.

CAC 11/16/20 Meeting Notes

CAC 5/25/21 Meeting Notes

Graduation Success and Beyond Newsletter

The Graduation Success and Beyond Newsletter will be live all school year. This newsletter was created to serve as one stop shopping for parent communication on topics related to post-secondary planning. The newsletter will continually be updated throughout the year as events are held.

Click the here to view newsletter

Student Resources

Academic Advising Information and Resources

Follow the link below for more information on deciding if AP or Dual Enrollment is the best fit for you.

Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy

Official SAT Practice helps students focus on exactly what they need to work on most. There are two ways to get personalized practice: Students can link their College Board and Khan Academy accounts to send their scores from the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, PSAT 8/9, or SAT; or, if students don't have scores to share, they can take diagnostic quizzes.

College Board Discontinues Essay and Subject Tests (SAT)

Opt for college entrance testing scores to NOT appear on student transcript

The VDOE "Regulations Governing Secondary School Transcripts" mandates that local divisions include a student's test record, to include at least the highest score earned, on college performance-related standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT on the students secondary school transcript. Parents, guardians or others having legal control or charge of a child may elect in writing to have their childs test record exclude from the student transcript (opt out).


The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty among students and families about nearly all aspects of the college admission process, including the role of standardized testing.

Due to the cancellation of SAT and ACT testing dates, more than 1,450 US colleges and universities announced they are moving to a test-optional policy, and more will surely follow. By going test-optional, institutions are making a definitive statement that they will not need test scores to make admission decisions this year.

The colleges on the link below have test-optional policies in place that affirm they will not penalize students for the absence of a standardized test score.

Understanding Student Grade Point Average (GPA)

A student's "HS Actual GPA" (based on completed courses only) is visible in ParentVUE and StudentVUE in the top right corner of the "Course History" page. On that screen it's rounded to two places after the decimal.

If a student has completed at least one high school course, the parents and student have access to the student's unofficial transcript on the Course History page in ParentVUE and StudentVUE, respectively, by clicking the blue "Unofficial Transcript" button at the top of the page. The unofficial transcript may take several minutes to generate. It includes both the "HS Actual GPA" and "HS Preliminary GPA" in the bottom left corner and both are rounded to three places after the decimal. The unofficial transcript available in PV and SV does not include class rank.

Governor’s Early College Scholars Program

The Governor’s Early College Scholars Program is intended to encourage eligible high school students to complete requirements for a high school diploma and concurrently earn at least 15 hours of transferable credits toward a college degree. This program can potentially result in a more productive senior year and reduce the amount of college tuition for families. Students earning a college degree in seven semesters instead of eight can save an average of $5,000 in college expenses.

The Governor’s Early College Scholars Program agreement may be signed at any time, from ninth to twelfth grade. Participants agree to: (1) earn an Advanced Studies diploma with a Governor’s Seal and (2) take and complete college-level course work (ie: AP or dual enrollment) that will earn at least 15 transferable college credits while enrolled in high school. Interested students can download the Early College Scholars Agreement from the PDF document below, at the “Academic Advising” menu of the Counseling Center webpage, or pick one up in the Counseling Center. Completed forms should be returned to the Counseling Center.

Students can now submit the form virtually with the link provided below

Scholarship searching for all grade levels

Be sure to watch Mrs. Bridges Scholarship Searching workshop!

TIP: Parents/guardians can check with their human resource offices at their work to see if their company offers scholarships for dependents & any organizations your family is affiliated with!

College/Institution Scholarships: check the institution's financial aid website to see if you need to either:

  1. Apply to the college by a certain deadline to automatically be considered
  2. Apply to scholarships within the college's database after applying to the school
  3. If you need to be nominated by your high school for a college scholarship

Community Scholarships are listed in Naviance Student under -> Colleges tab, scroll to the bottom, "Scholarship List". Click on the scholarship to learn how to apply!

Scholarship Sharing database: (Links to an external site.)

SPARK Scholarship database: (Links to an external site.)

Scholarships for Black and African-American Students

Understanding ROTC Programs TIP: if you do not currently meet the requirements to apply for an ROTC scholarship right out of high school, be mindful that you can apply to an ROTC scholarship while IN college! Be sure that the ROTC branch that you wish to serve through is offered at the institution you seek to attend


BHS Scholarship Overview and Pro Tips

Video Link: BHS Scholarship Overview and Pro Tips

Completing the FAFSA

If you wish to complete the FAFSA at home, please follow these steps:

Step 1: creating a FSA ID (both the parent and student must each have one)

Step 2: Start a new FAFSA application, use the log in created through your FSA ID (email address and password)

FAFSA opens October 1st! Every family should complete the FAFSA in order to be eligible to receive state/federal funds including merit scholarship distributions from institutions. You may think you wont qualify for aid but your student may earn a merit scholarship. In order to receive those funds, its is very possibly that you would need to complete the FAFSA!

Money: How am I going to pay for all of this?

Do not plan on the school randomly offering your money. Prepare to pay sticker price when “shopping” for a school so you understand the “worst case scenario” financially. Ask colleges about the aid they have to offer applicants!

$$$ Scholarships: See scholarship website links at the bottom of the home page in Naviance Student, also the PWCS database in Naviance Student-> Colleges -> Scholarships and Money-> Scholarship list.

  • Types of Scholarships: Community Scholarships (we list what we know in Naviance), Club/Sport Scholarships (see PTO/Athletics/club sponsors), College Scholarships (Financial Aid websites of the colleges on YOUR LIST)
  • Be mindful of any scholarship deadlines that the colleges are offering and how you are to applying to them (Know your college list and check their scholarship database on their financial aid websites). Example: some schools have college application deadlines early that automatically add you to their scholarship pool (no additional application); some colleges have their own database after you apply to their college; some don’t offer any merit-based scholarships- be mindful of this when making your college list! Money is an important factor in this decision. Ask tour guides about scholarships.

College Board Scholarship Search

Find scholarships, other financial aid and internships from more than 2,200 programs, totaling nearly $6 billion.

Click here to begin!

College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Applying to college is a complicated process, so College Board has created a program that guides you through it. It doesn't require an essay, application, or minimum GPA. Instead, it rewards your effort and initiative. Complete key steps along your path to college for a chance to earn scholarships.

Click here for this great opportunity!

Trades, Apprenticeships & Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Opportunities

Students looking for enrichment opportunities can find such information in Naviance.

In the top right corner click “Colleges” --> "Research Colleges" --> "Enrichment Programs" to find a list of opportunities and information regarding the application process, cost, contact information, and more. Students who need help logging into Naviance should visit the Counseling Center to receive assistance from one of the secretaries.

Department of Labor and Industry Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apprenticeship Job Postings

Youth Registered Apprenticeship

The YRA program addresses the dual role of preparing students for the world of work and providing Virginia with a highly skilled workforce. Local school systems can work with business partners to identify opportunities for youth employment based upon the occupational instruction offered at the school.

The objective of YRA is to expand the state’s skilled workforce by providing young people with career opportunities while completing their high school education. Part-time student apprenticeship is available to students where programs have been established in accordance with agreements with local public school divisions.

Newport News Shipbuilding Trades Careers

High school seniors! Why start a trades career with Newport News Shipbuilding?

Newport News Shipbuilding is the nation’s sole designer, builder and refueler of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and one of only two shipyards capable of designing and building nuclear-powered submarines.

Basic qualifications include being 18 years or older and passing a drug screen, physical, & background investigation. U.S. Citizenship Required

We Offer Trades Careers for:

Electricians, Fitters, Pipefitters, Sheet Metal Workers, Welders & More!


Choose the “Trades & Crafts” portal

Search for entry-level positions

Senate Page Program

Interested in pursuing a career in politics, government, or law? The Senate Page program is offered both during the school year and during summer months, provides appropriate and rigorous academic course work during the school year, and actually pays you for the work you do.

The Senate Page Program is a fancy term for an official high school internship at the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C.. This program is offered only to high school juniors and provides the opportunity to work with actual senators and government leaders. Students in the Senate Page Program are sponsored by local senators and work for their sponsoring senator’s party in the U.S. Senate.

Senator Mark Warner sponsorship details:

The Senate Page Program is a unique opportunity for high school juniors to get involved in government service, see the legislative process in action, and experience life in our nation’s capital. U.S. Senator Mark R. Warner, D-VA, oversees the spring and fall programs. Young Virginians who would like to apply to the program should use the link above or visit Warner’s website at for additional details and specific deadlines (generally June 15 for fall session and December 1 for spring session).

Warner’s page sponsorship alternates by gender. Check with the Senator’s office to find out which gender may apply for each semester of the Senate Page program.

Upcoming Community Events & Programs

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