Restless Heart Week of 9/28


Hey Everyone!

So I hope you a did well with your exams/ meetings/ everything else.

Here's an update:

Welcome Chris Chickoree!

We have a Webmaster!

Chris will be our new Webmaster, which means he will run social media and web stuff for Restless Heart!
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We're Getting Organized!

Google Calendar

I created a MASTER CALENDAR (check your email) for us to see everything going on with Catholic Gators/ St. Augustine Parish. Everything that is already there is when we hope/ plan to accomplish it. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know! I am updating it as frequently as possible. Here is the breakdown:

  • Red is Social Media: Anything posted should be shared on twitter and Facebook. Pictures that are posted should be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
  • Periwinkle is graphics
  • Purple is PR/ Advertising
  • Yellow is Video: The dates that things are written on are the days they should be posted by.
  • Green will be print. We are still praying about someone to head this team, but there are people interested in being a part of the team!

You all have the ability to add things to the calendar but please make sure you add it under your color. REMEMBER: everything must be approved by Sandy or myself first. And everything that is posted needs to be read over by someone else first.

Speaking of Approval.....

We now have google forms for Videos and Graphics!!!

If anyone has an idea or they have a request for something, they must fill out these forms in advance. The ideas then need to be approved by Sandy. These will also be available on the CG website soon.




Here are the Passwords for the different social media counts. DO NOT share this with anyone else. I repeat DO NOT. Only you, as the head of your team, are allowed to have this. No one else should have access to ANY account. Once again, anything that is posted needs to be approved and read over first.

Instagram - catholicgators; StAugustine2016

Twitter -; StAugustine2016

Joseph, you should already have the YouTube info.

For this week's prayer

I understand we're all busy so if we can all pray a rosary this week for the intention of our ministry and all our teams, that would be great!

Our next meeting is 10/6

Please let me know if you have questions about anything!

-Tonia Borsellino