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The Game of Lacrosse

The high speed sport of Lacrosse has changed drastically over the years. The game of lacrosse was created by the Native Americans. They played the game with wooden sticks with pockets in them and with rubber balls. Although we have still kept the tradition of using a rubber ball in lacrosse, the rest of the game has evolved off the basic concepts the Native Americans had set. Now a days, Lacrosse is played as a physically demanding sport where players have to wear helmets and pads and use sticks that consist of plastic and metal. Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet and is getting more and more popular every year.
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Josh Hawkins, a defensive midfielder who plays for Loyola, gets captured by a camera man in mid-shot while playing against Notre Dame in the NCAA men's lacrosse semi-finals.
College Lacrosse Highlights 2012


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