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Sports News (Wrapping up the Winter Season)

Lawrence Middle School Wrestling by Tommy Chu

“The best advice I give my athletes every day is to stay motivated and keep working hard. It's a sport that's tough when you lose, because everyone sees and you're alone on the mat. In order to avoid that feeling and prevent that from happening, you have to outwork your opponent every day in order to make sure you're as ready as possible for a match,” said coach Giusti.

The Lawrence Middle School team had been practicing from December to halfway through February. They roll out the mats into the cafeteria every day immediately after school in order to practice, then roll them back up at 5 before they go home.

“It's a sport where you need to be strong, conditioned, and have good knowledge/technique, so we need all the time we can get to do everything we need to,” said Giusti.

Lawrence Middle School won five matches against other schools, improving from only one last year.

At the end of the season, the county tournament is held every year in Robbinsville, New Jersey. This is what they had been training for. In the A tournament, Jimmy Britton and Nazsair Conway made their way to second, followed by Jake Dallarda in third, and Connor Verga in fourth. The B tournament is for less experienced wrestlers. In this division, the school had 5 champions.

There is a wrestling club this spring, every Wednesday, for kids to continue working.

"The wrestling club is something I'm starting this spring to keep the kids on the mat all year round. This will help the new wrestlers learn the sport faster in order to prepare for next season."

Girls Basketball by Giselle Georgiana

During the 2015-2016 season for the Girls Basketball team, the two coaches Jamie Land and Lisa Quarry gave a lot of postive quotes about the players and season. I interviewed Jamie Land about how the season went. Her response was “Although we didn’t have a winning record, we had a fun and competitive season.” The other question I asked was how everyone played. “Very proud of the progress the girls on both teams made. They never gave up,” said Coach Land.

The B team's record was 5-5. The A team’s record was 1-13, but coach Quarry pointed at that the “record didn’t indicate the progress we made.”

The most improved player for the B team was Samantha Staub. The A team's most improved player was Kaitlyn Maloney. On the night of the winter awards the 3D (determination, dedication, and desire) award was given to Kendra Dempsey, the person awarded with (team spirit) was Heaven Cartwright, The most coachable player was Tibiwa Zabasajja, the “Cardinal Pride” player was awarded to Cindy Barrera, and the manager was Tedi Jameson.

Overall, it was a year to be proud of.
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Boys Basketball by Kola Oluyomi

The boys B team had a solid season, although the record may not have indicated it. The boys B team had a great offense leader named Douglas Evans. He put up numbers and came into the clutch.

The team leaders where Chapman Turner as well as Jahrid Henry. They lead the team when times got rough on the scoreboard.

Showing true leadership, each player on the squad showed improvement and are ready

for the 8th grade season. We should all be looking forward to seeing how they will play.

Raising Money by Tommy Chu and Kola Oluyomi

LMS had great involvement in St. Baldrick’s Day, with both teachers and students shaving their heads for the cause. After Saturday, March 12th, all involved proudly walked the halls with their new haircuts when they returned to school on Monday, March 14th.

Raising money for St. Baldrick’s was aided by Pi day, held on March 14th. At lunches, students were able to buy tickets for a raffle, bidding for a chance to pie a teacher.

This event happened on a modified A day, with time left at the end of the day for Pi day. There were four chairs where teachers positioned, awaiting the incoming projectiles being hurled by students who won the raffle.

This year, #PiDay at LMS was more exciting than ever! So many teachers got hit with the pie! Mr. Landolina got pied horribly in the face by Jack Collins. So many other teachers got hit down! Hope you are all looking forward to Pi Day 2017!

7th Grade Valentine's Dance by Giselle Georgiana

The 2016 7th grade Valentine's Dance was exciting with just all the 7th graders. There were over 100 students that were able to attend the dance. The boys were more comfortable dancing with just the 7th graders there. They weren’t too pressured or shy to dance around the 8th graders.

All money that was raised at the dance went directly to the 7th grade picnic scheduled for the end of the year. Since the 8th grade class gets to go snowtubing and has their big 8th Grade dance at the end of the year, we always like to have something special for just the 7th Grade class.

“Although it is always fun to include everyone at the dance, it is sometimes a nice thing to have something that is your own - so this was our way to give something special to the 7th Grade Class,” said Mr. Stamatelos.
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Mystery Student by Kola Oluyomi

The Mystery Student is a randomly selected 7th or 8th graders from YOUR school. See if you can use the clues and information provided to guess who it is.

  1. What is your eye color?

Dark Brown.

  1. What gender are you?


  1. What is your favorite game to play?


  1. What is your favorite hobby?


  1. Do you have any siblings?

Two Older Sisters.

  1. Favorite Color?


  1. Any other info you would like me to know?

I remember a Periodic Table song.

  1. Grade?

7th Grade.

9. Are there any other clubs you participate in for the school?

Mad Scientist

If you think you know who the Mystery Student may be, please email Mr. Giusti ( with your guess, along with “Mystery Student” as your subject line. All correct guesses will receive 5 star tickets.