Alternate Ending History Project

By: Chris Everett

American Civil War Alternate Ending

If the Civil War ended with the Confederates winning what would happen?
Well, there would still be slaves and we wouldn't be the "United States of America". Instead, we would be two different countries. The South would have taken over the North and we would be agricultural people, not industrial. In other words, we would be a rural territory, not an urban one.


Fact is, if the south won the civil war we would be slave owners and would all have farms. We also wouldn't have any video games, any phones, or any computers. We would all just have agriculture.

Steam Engine Alternate Ending

What if the Steam Engine wasn't invented?
If the Steam Engine wasn't invented, the Confederates would have probably won the Civil War. They would have probably won the war because the North got around the country much faster and got supplies much faster with the steam engine than the south did on foot or in a carriage. It would have turned the tides of the war and President Abraham Lincoln would have been banished from the new country that would have formed, along with his officers and generals.


So if Steam Engines hadn't been created, the Civil War would have most likely ended with the south winning. Lincoln and his high- ranking officers would have been kicked out of the country and we would be a rural country.