Wm. Adams Middle School

Faculty and Staff Newsletter • January 4, 2016

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Welcome back!

As we begin the year 2016, let us all focus on what is truly important, and that is our students. May we find a renewed energy to help our students reach their fullest potential and to help each other along the sometimes rugged road to excellence. May we truly believe that we can accomplish great things; for to achieve we must first believe.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your campus administrators,

Dr. Holmgreen
Ms. Cavazos
Mrs. Ramirez

Morning Duty January 4-8, 2016 from 7:30 - 7:42

Francisco Rios - Station 1: Outside main entrance

Mary Allen Rios - Station 2: Corridor to the gym

Ruben Rodriguez - Station 3: West entrance

Jackie Ruiz - Station 4: 100 wing between 112 and 114 (monitor from 112 to 116)

Megan Tiner - Station 5: 200 wing between 207 and 209 (monitor from 207 to 216)

Vacant - Station 6: Outside Library by tables

Sandra Garcia - Station 7: 300 wing between 303 and 306 (monitor from 303 to 301)

Sarita Garcia - Station 8: 300 wing between 312 and 314 (monitor from 312 to 316)

Kristen Hall - Station 9: 400 wing between 404 and 406 (monitor from 406 to 401)

Briana Garcia - Station 10: 400 wing between 409 and 414 (monitor from 407 to 416)

Dennis LaPlant- Station 11: Outside 400 wing by east entry

Becky Lutzke- Station 12: Bus Stop

*If you know in advance that you will be absent, please alert administration in order to have someone monitor your station in your absence. Thank you!

Seize the Day!

We all agree that we cannot teach students who are not in our classrooms. We also agree that it is difficult to teach students who disrupt the teaching and learning process. Please do not send students out for the following reasons:

•No pencil/pen/paper
- despite the fact that many students have cell phones and expensive looking shoes and accessories, many will not have, or will not bring with them to school, the very basic of school supplies. When this happens, please contact someone in the front office and we will get pens/pencils/paper to you as quickly as we can.

•Won't do his/her work or sleeping in class - as long as the student is not being disruptive, allow them to remain in class, but continue to encourage him/her to participate and to work. Remind them that although they are choosing not to participate, they do not have the right to keep their peers from participating and from learning. Make note of his/her behavior, and be sure that you make a parent contact and let the parents know that their child was not participating in class.

•Cussing in class - while this is not the desired language in the classroom, or in school, it is very much the language that many of our students are accustomed to hearing and accustomed to using. Explain to the students that it is not acceptable in the classroom and ask them to please be aware of the vocabulary they are choosing to use in school. As difficult as it is for us to understand, students often let these words slip and don't realize it. Sometimes having a quiet conversation about acceptable language in the classroom helps them curb their use of inappropriate words.

*If they direct their profanity at you, or if the cussing is chronic and persistent such that you cannot teach and students cannot learn, then yes, send them to the back office and follow up with a referral as soon as possible.

Remember that virtually every moment in the classroom is a teachable moment. Some students need multiple reminders. Follow our discipline plan and above all, be fair and consistent.

Making Paradigm Shifts

Have you ever given much thought to paradigms? A paradigm is a point of view, or a frame of reference. It is the way an individual sees things. Paradigms may be flawed, but they are the perception of that individual, and as some are prone to say, perception is reality. Sean Covey writes, "Paradigms are like glasses. When you have incomplete paradigms about yourself or life in general, it's like wearing glasses with the wrong prescription. That lens affects how you see everything else. As a result, what you see is what you get. If you believe you're dumb, that very belief will make you dumb" ( p. 13).

Every January it is common for people to make resolutions for the coming year. Let us make a collective resolution at William Adams Middle School to shift some paradigms that may be holding us back. Here are some questions to consider:
How many of your students believe they cannot go to college?
How many believe that they cannot go to high school?
How many of your students believe they are dumb?
Have we fed these paradigms?
On what have we centered our lives? On what have our students centered their lives? Are they friend-centered, stuff-centered, boy-friend/girl-friend-centered, school-centered, hobby-centered? Are we principle-centered?

If we and our students center ourselves around the right principles, we are destined for greatness. These principles include honesty, hard work, loyalty, respect, service, as well as others. (Covey, 26).

Let us commit to create a paradigm shift on this campus such that everyone will look at us in amazement because of the phenomenal things happening not just inside the school walls, but spreading within the community as well. Paddles in!

Covey, S. (2014). The 7 habits of highly effective teens: The ultimate teenage success guide. New York, NY: Touchstone.

Attendance Update

Below are two photos depicting our attendance averages. The first image provides attendance averages for each grade level by week and an overall average for both grade levels by week. Our average goal is 95%. The colored cells show how many weeks our average was below our goal.

The second image shows our average attendance by six weeks.

You can see that there were many weeks where our attendance averaged 94%. Sometimes all we need to reach our goal of 95% is to have only one or two additional students present.

Please give some thought to ways we can improve our attendance and let your administrators know what they can do to help you. If you have students absent consistently, and you think a home visit may help, please let Yolanda Cruz know. Also give some thought to incentives we might offer on a whole school basis and also what you might be able to do for your classes.

Continue to make those parent contacts. Your help is always appreciated.

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