January Newsletter

Ecole James S. McCormick School

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2023! We sincerely hope that all of our families enjoyed a happy & healthy holiday season - whatever that means to you! Here is to a wonderful new year with endless opportunities & many successes to celebrate!
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Returning Student Registration

For any students returning into an ECS program for 2023/2024 (BFPA PreK-3 going into PreK-4 or BFPA PreK-4 going into Kindergarten) please check your email for a direct link to your school engage account. There is a student specific returning student form ready for you to complete & submit if you wish to re-enroll at EJSMS for next year. Alternatively, you can also login to you Parent Portal > School Engage to access these forms.

For students going into Grades 1, 2 or 3 - no forms are required at this time. Students will rollover to their next grade level during the summer and new student demographic update (re-registration) forms will be sent to all parents in September 2023.

School Council Update

Our next meeting will be January 26 @ 7:15pm. This will be held in-person at the school in the Learning Commons, as well as online via Google Meet. Everyone is welcome to attend!


Music - Concert Update

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Skating - Physical Education News

Our skating unit is happening this winter at EJSMS. All Grade 1/2/3 students will be participating in this unit. Separate permission forms are required to be digitally signed for each student prior to participating; please see your Parent Portal > Student Fees > Permission Forms. All students, teachers & parent volunteers are required to wear a skating helmet in order to be permitted onto the ice surface. Bike helmets are not acceptable helmets for ice skating; this is a WCPS Policy.
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Around the School

Parking Passes

Effective January 9th, 2023, the school parking lot will be barricaded off during morning arrival & afternoon departure times (8:20am - 8:45am & 3:10pm - 3:30pm). The only permitted vehicles into the parking lot will be staff vehicles, school buses, emergency vehicles and those with an EJSMS Parking Pass. To apply for a parking pass, please see the office. Parking passes are only available for students with special needs.

Alert Preferences

WCPS has recently switched to a new notification system. Parents/Guardians are able to adjust their alert preferences in Parent Portal for each student contact. Please refer to this HOW-TO DOCUMENT for instructions on adjusting your individual notification preferences.

COVID Rapid Test Kits

Our school has an abundance of rapid test kits from AHS that were not taken home by parents/guardians when they were originally deployed to schools. The expiration date on them is 2024. If any families would like to take some home, please let us know.

Ask The Principal

What do students do over lunch time and how much supervision is there?

The ÉJSMS lunch time is from 11:15 to 12:15 and is divided between outdoor play and in-class eating time.

Outdoor Recess

We start our lunch break with an outdoor recess. The students have 5 minutes to get ready then a nice long 25 minute break for exercise, socializing, and fresh air. Outside there are many play areas, so students are not overly clustered in any specific areas. This spreads out the fun and makes supervision easier for the adults. Our outdoor play areas include soccer fields, green spaces, playground equipment, basketball hoops, and asphalt areas. We do not allow electronics outside during recesses because we want to encourage social interactions; however some students occasionally choose to find quiet places to read or write during recess. There are typically 10 official supervisors outside during recess, as well as several educational assistants who are outside with specific students. Supervisors wear orange vests and carry first aid backpacks.

Indoor Lunch

Students have from 11:45 to 11:50 to transition into the school and their classrooms, then they have a full 25 minutes to eat. Most classrooms have their own teacher present during lunch eating time to ensure students are physically and socially/emotionally safe (ie., making sure the language and topics are appropriate). In the case of a teacher being outside for supervision, that teacher needs to take a half hour lunch break while her students eat. In that case, a neighbouring teacher monitors two classes.

When teachers are supervising at this time of day, their time is considered “assignable” rather than “instructional” as they are only present to ensure students’ physical and emotional/social safety rather than to instruct the students. During their lunch eating time, supervisors often put stories or short videos on the screen (in French if the students are in FI). This gives students a chance to have some downtime while eating. Students who want to chat with their neighbours are welcome to do that as well. Some supervisors allow students to draw, read books, build puzzles or other quiet activities when they are done eating.

If you have a specific question about EJSMS policies, procedures or plans that you'd like

to learn more about - please let us know!

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Community Events

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