Bladder Cancer

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About Bladder Cancert

Bladder Cancer begins when the cells in the urinary bladder start to grow uncontrollably. It occurs in the bladder which is a hollow organ located in the pelvis. The Bladder's main function is to store urine before exiting the body.


In most cases blood in the urine is the first sign of Bladder Cancer. One may also have to urinate more often and may feel pain of burning while urination. In advanced stages o ladder Cancer one may not be able to urinate and could have a sudden loss of appetite and loss of weight.

Causes of Bladder Cancer

Cigarette Smokers are much more likely to get Bladder Cancer than non smokers. People who have experienced radiation therapy are also more likely to get Bladder Cancer. This Cancer can also be inherited from family members. A healthy diet and not smoking can decrease the chance of getting this cancer.


Bladder Cancer can be treated with Radiation Therapy which is using radiation to kill the cancer, Chemotherapy which is using medicines to kill the cancer, and Intravesical Therapy which is using liquid drugs injected into the lining of the bladder to eliminate the cancer.

How is Bladder Cancer diagnosed

Bladder Cancer is usually tested with urine samples. Doctors will examine the urine and test if there are tumors in it. If the urine samples test positive, a CAT scan will take place in order to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else in the body.

Who can get this disease

9 out of 10 mean who obtain Bladder Cancer are over the age of 55. Mean also rather than women are 4 times more likely to get Bladder Cancer.Bladder Cancer accounts for 5% of all cancers in the U.S. and is the forth most common cancer in men.