Monday Update

Team G Weekly News

New for 2014

Every Monday you will receive an update on news and notes for you Clever Container business. It will be posted on our team Facebook page and also be sent via email. This will be a way for you to keep up with the news of our team and the company. I would love for you to help me with this new way to share. Please send me ways you have used products and stories of your favorites as well as things that are working well in your business. I hope you enjoy it.

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Rising Stars of the Week

Each week I will post top sellers and recruiters here. Watch for your name here!

Team Call Tuesday

Our monthly team call will be Tuesday, January 7 at 9:00 pm eastern time. Please call in to 559-726-1200 access code is 151903#. We have a great call planned. I hope you will make plans to join us. Remember you smash a snowball by calling in and letting me know what you took away.