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Weekly newsletter for staff w/c 3rd December 2018


Welcome to this week's KF Pro. As we head into the last three weeks of term the children are becoming more excited just at the time that we are becoming more tired and frazzled but hang on in there! You are all doing a great job which I truly appreciate and all the perfomances will come together at the last minute like they always do. There are tissues, Lemsip and Nurofen in my office if you need them and my door is usually open if you just want to call in for 5 minutes peace away from the madness.

Karen x

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • Tea & Coffee - I will try and catch the last few with reminders this week. If you are yet to pay, please can you ensure that you bring your money to me by the end of this month please. £10 per term for a full timer, £8 for 4 days per week e All monies to be in by Christmas please
  • Staff Meeting Thursday 6th December - Martyn Sibley CEO is attending this meeting and has asked that as many staff as possible are there as he wishes to give out information about the MAT. Put it in your diaries!
  • Newspaper - Kate will be moving house soon and has asked if anyone has any spare newspaper that she could use to help with packing. Thank you.
  • Lesson Observations - Having tested the new software, lesson observation in each class will go ahead this week (See diary below)
  • Subject Leaders - I will be putting together the plan for staff meetings for next term in the next couple of weeks. If you want subject time at a meeting then please let me know with a rough idea of how much time you would like
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Diary Dates This Week

Monday 3rd -

  • SB/ AC Kellington Forest School
  • 9:00 Amelia Formstone & Ruth Newbould to see OD (EYFS)
  • 10:00 Ruth Newbould to see DM with CTh
  • 10:00 Errol Observation
  • 10:30 Ruth Newbould to see parents HL (Y1) & KH
  • 10:45 BC out appt KP/JL cover
  • 11:00 Hedwig Observation
  • S Dobby (MSA) not in
  • 13:00 Gruffalo Observation
  • 13:30 Dance Lady to see GM
  • 14:30 PA out appt CTh cover

Tuesday 4th -

  • SB/ AC Kellington Forest Schools
  • KW @TGS MAT HT day
  • 9:30 Amelia Formstone to see OD (EYFS)
  • 13:00 KF to TGS re Computing CS to cover
  • 13:30 BC to KS2 Assessment @Pavilions - COVER??
  • 16:00 Parent to see GM (SB Y1)

Wednesday 5th -

  • Non-uniform day for chocolate tombola
  • 9:45 Freya Bancroft (CAMHs) to see BI (Y6)
  • 10:00 Y1 Observation
  • 11:00 Y2 Observation
  • 13:00 Elmer Observation
  • 15:30 KW/EB English Book Look

Thursday 6th -

  • 9:30 KF KS1 Assessment no cover reqd.
  • 10:00 Y6 Observation
  • 13:00 Y5/6 Choir to TGS
  • pm KF/CS planning - CTh cover
  • Staff Meeting - all welcome CEO attending

Friday 7th -

  • 8:45 First Aid Training SDo & GL (MSAs)
  • 9:30 EYFS Nativity in hall
  • 11:30 Julie Broome to see MM (EYFS)
  • 13:00 Julie Broome to see parent (NB) & KH CTh in EYFS pm
  • 14:00 Christmas Fayre
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Thank you's and Well done's.....

Thank you and goodbye to Julie McCready. For those that may not have heard, Julie has decided to leave us at Christmas. She has had a variety of roles at KF and will be missed. Thank you for everything you have done over the years Julie.

Welcome to Catherine Savage who will be stepping in to the role in Year Two on Fridays. Kerry will be increasing her hours to 4 days from January so thank you to you as well!

Thank you also to Katie Sutherland who has left us this week to take up a full time role in York. We wish you well in your new job.

Thank you to everyone for embracing the recognition boards, we will review this in January to see how things are going......

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to:

Sorry if I have missed anyone - I will be updating my list of birthdays this week!