Nutrition Awareness Week

Nutrition Awareness Week

This event will be held for two days to show children and adults the postive side of eating healthy. Recent studies have shown that a significant amount of people in Acres Homes area are obese so in re sponse, this event serves to encourage people to eat healthier and tell their friends about it. They will be able to taste healthy foods while having lunch or snack according to the session.

Nutrition Awareness Week

Monday, July 28th, 11am-4pm

6719 W Montgomery Rd

Houston, TX

The event is two days (7/28 & 7/29) and it has two sessions. It starts at 11am and ends at 1pm then will start again at 3pm and end at 4pm.

For more information please call 832-393-4145.


11:00am- Lunch will be served and the Nutrition Session will start

1:00- the Nutrition session and lunch will Stop

3:00pm- Snacks will be given out and another Session will start

4:00pm- The Nutrition Session and snacks will end

Acres Homes Multi-Service Center

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