Semi-Annual Sample Sale-Jan 7th

Save the Date Diamonds!

Up to 75% off! ALL SALE ITEMS MUST GO!

Our team sample sale will be January 7th...location to be finalized today! I'll have an invite created soon for you to start inviting your customers! For those who haven't participated before, we all come together with all of our retired pieces to sell, and our customers love that there are multiples of everything...but they get there early to shop first! We have it in a Wine Bar...location change this year (easier to find and more parking.) Customers can pay with Check or Card. It's a great service to offer your customers...even if you don't have alot to sell! They love you for inviting them to a steals and deals event, AND most importantly, you get in front of them before the line launches!

What can you do now?
  • Save the Date in your calendar!
  • Order your teaser Postcards from the Print Shop (details in the most recent buzz)
  • Decide what you will be selling off..use the most recent buzz video to help
  • Order your price tags and gift bags from Stella & Dot (10)
  • Start pricing your jewelry. Retired pieces are 50% off (if on the retired list regardless of when retired...if there is still stock of it, it's 50% off.) Older pieces that you have that are not in stock anymore are 75% off.
  • Get your list together of who you would like to invite. I personally invite my whole customer base, but you might want to invite your VIP Customers or Hostesses! Up to you!

Details on invites:

  • Save the Date will be messaged out on Dec 27th.
  • Invite will be messaged out on Jan 1st.
  • Reminder will be messaged out on Jan 4th.
  • You can mail them out or email it out..up to you. I plan to mail it out with the Teaser Postcard after Christmas.

Last year we had a great turnout, so I know it will be even better this season!